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KID logo.png
Founded: 1987-12[1]
Defunct: 2006-11[1]
T-series code: T-197

KID Co., Ltd. (株式会社キッド) (Kindle Imagine Develop[2]) was a Japanese video game publisher and developer, most known for later specializing in adult dating simulation games.


Founded in December 1987 and officially incorporated on May 12, 1988, KID was headed by Hisayoshi Ichikawa (市川久祥) and started its existence primarily as a contract developer for game publishers. The company develops for a wide range of platforms, and as its success afforded the company more resources, it began to contract the production of its games to other Japanese developers. [1]

In the late 1990s, KID shifted to mainly publishing adult dating simulation games and visual novels, and quickly became a prolific company in those markets. By the mid 2000s, however, KID had encountered significant financial hardships, and in November 2006 the company officially filed for bankruptcy. KID's assets (and the rights to its games) were acquired by Cyberfront, and much of the remaining development staff joined 5pb.[1]


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