Kasou Genjitsu Yuugi Taizen

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Kasou Genjitsu Yuugi Taizen
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 4
Original airdate: 1992-07-21 — 1992-07-24
Original channel(s): NHK
Country of origin: Japan

Kasou Genjitsu Yuugi Taizen (仮想現実遊戯大全) is a gaming documentary series aired in Japan during July 1992.[1] A series of four hour long episodes focused on the early 1990s growth of the Japanese amusement industry, it was shown on NHK satellite channels across several consecutive nights.[1]

The series is notable for featuring interviews with personnel from several amusement companies (including Sega's Yu Suzuki, Hisashi Suzuki, Akira Nagai, and Mitsuo Wachi), in-development prototype footage of Virtua Racing, and glimpses into how amusement facilities were ran and developed, such as Namco's Wonder Eggs theme park and the Sega Ueno Pasela game center.[1]

List of episodes

Episode Video Name Date Airtime Description
1x01 Video Placeholder.svg 1992-07-21 1:00:00
1x02 Video Placeholder.svg 1992-07-22 1:00:00
1x03 Video Placeholder.svg 1992-07-23 1:00:00
1x04 Video Placeholder.svg 1992-07-24 1:00:00