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Namco logo.svg
Founded: 1955-06-01
Defunct: 2006-03-31
T-series code: T-14
Merged with: Bandai (2005)
Ohta, Tokyo, Japan

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Namco (ナムコ) was a Japanese company best know for their arcade classics such as Pac-Man.

The company suffered financial issues between the late 1990s and early 2000s due to the struggling Japanese economy and diminishing arcade market, which led to the company merging with Bandai in 2005 to become Bandai Namco Holdings, though still continued to publish games until then. Namco also distributed their own Sega NAOMI and Sega Chihiro systems and was one of the three Triforce partners (along with Sega and Nintendo).


Namco produced a number of titles in the West through Namco Hometek, the home console game division of Namco America. Announcements for the end of repairs for some of their arcade games were sent out in July 2015[1], as well as on August 2, 2017[2] and October 2, 2017.[3]




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