Last Inning

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Last Inning
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Discrete logic arcade
Genre: Sports

Number of players: 2
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Arcade (discrete logic)
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Last Inning (ラストイニング) is a 1975 discrete logic baseball game manufactured by Sega.


Two players control either a pitcher or batter and attempt to score runs off each other. Before the baseball game starts, there is a "warm up" mode for players to become accustomed to the controls of the game. From there, the pitcher picks one of three pitches—fast ball, slow ball or curve ball—and throws the ball towards the batter, who must time their swing to hit in any field (including a home run) or may strike out. When the batter hits the ball, the batting player advances towards first base while the pitching player uses their control to field the ball and throw to the base.

Gameplay lasts a traditional two innings of a baseball game and features force outs, touch outs, and double and triple plays. Sound effects are heard upon pitching or hitting, as well as when a run is scored, a home run is hit, or a force out is made.


Height: 56"
Width: 24"
Length: 27"