List of Dinosaur King cards (Japanese)

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1st Edition (1st)

2nd Edition (2nd)

3rd Edition (3rd)

2006 Rainy Season Limited Edition (06 Rainy)

4th Edition (4th)

5th Edition (5th)

2006 Winter Season Limited Edition (06 Winter)

6th Edition (6th)

2007 1st Edition (07 1st)

2007 1st Edition+ (07 1st+)

2007 2nd Edition (07 2nd)

2007 3rd Edition (07 3rd)

2007 4th Edition (07 4th)

2007 4th Edition+ (07 4th+)

Gekizan 1st Edition (Geki 1st)

Gekizan 2nd Edition (Geki 2nd)

Gekizan 2nd Edition+ (Geki 2nd+)

Gekizan 3rd Edition (Geki 3rd)

Kakushin 1st Edition (Kaku 1st)

Kakushin 2nd Edition (Kaku 2nd)

Kakushin 3rd Edition (Kaku 3rd)

Kakushin 4th Edition (Kaku 4th)

Kakushin 5th Edition Super Ω (Kaku 5th)

Kakushin 6th Edition Hyper Battle Museum (Kaku 6th)


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Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King D-Kids Adventure: Dino Slash! Kyouryuu Battle!! (2007)
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