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Loriciel logo.png
Founded: 1983
Defunct: 1995
Headquarters: France

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Loriciel, formerly Loriciels, was a French home computer software developer founded in 1983 by Mark Bayle and Laurent Weill.The company owes is name to microcomputer Oric-1 (the name is a pun which combines the French word logiciel = software and oric, the name of the microcomputer) manufactured by British company Tangerine Computer Systems for which they produced their very first games.In 1990 the company was forced to abdicate the "S" and change his name to Loriciel due to financial problems.In 1992 the company goes bankrupt and in an attempt to "reborn", becomes Virtual Studio,developing one Atari Jaguar game but disappears some time after in 1995.



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