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Publisher: Sega
Distributor: Ruffler & Walker (UK)
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Slot machine
$? ?
Slot machine
£? ?

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The Mini-Sega is a slot machine manufactured by Sega during the late 1950s and early 1960s. It is a small and lightweight device designed to be a cheaper and more portable alternative to full size slot machines.

The Mini-Sega has a similar story to the Sega Bell, being a clone of the Vest Pocket slot machine manufactured by the Mills Novelty Company (later Mills Bell-O-Matic) from the late 1930s. Like the Sega Bell, Sega did not obtain any rights from Mills either to manufacture or distribute these devices, though this time did not pretend otherwise, instead marketing the device as entirely their product. In reality, Sega likely refurbished older Mills units with replacement parts manufactured in Japan, or re-badged stock directly purchased from Mills.

Promotional material

MiniSega SlotMachine Flyer.jpg
MiniSega SlotMachine Flyer CSO.jpg
Club Specialty Overseas flyer
RufflerandWalkerSegaMini UK PrintAdvert.jpg
UK Ruffler & Walker print advert
Print advert in Cash Box (US) #1963-08-10: "August 10, 1963" (1963-08-10)


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