Moonbase Alpha

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Moonbase Alpha
System(s): SC-3000
Publisher: Poseidon Software
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
$? ?

Moonbase Alpha is platform video game originally written for the SC-3000 by Michael Boyd and released by Poseidon Software in 1986. Play the roll of Jim Conners on his quest to save the Earth from unknown alien invasion of Neptune's second moon.

Moonbase Alpha is featured on the SC-3000 Survivors Multicart MkII.


Jim Conners turned towards his vidscreen as it came alive with a message from headquarters.

"...Information just received confirms the existence of a 21st Century Lunar base on Neptune's second moon. The base is inhabited by an alien civilisation and pose a threat to G-SEC security system. The base's defence system, an early 21st century reactor core, must be destroyed so further action can be taken by G-SEC security. You have been chosen for the mission, and have been assigned the latest advanced technological space weaponry. It is imperative that you do not fail..."


Physical scans

SC-3000, NZ
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