Moto Champ

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Moto Champ
System(s): Electro-mechanical arcade
Publisher: Sega
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Electro-Mechanical)
¥310,000[1] ?
Arcade (Electro-Mechanical)
$? ?

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Moto Champ is a 1973 electro-mechanical arcade game by Sega. It has several small motorcycles on the playfield.

The object is to take the player-controlled motorcycle to the other end of the playfield. While this is happening, the other game-controlled motorcycles impede progress. A motorcycle collision results in a "penalty"; the player gets four penalties in a game before ending. A penalty also moves the motorcycle back on the playfield. If the player can advance the Moto Champ far enough up the playfield with a minimum of penalties, a free game can be won. The main disadvantage of this game is the lack of scoring; the only real measurable score in Moto Champ is winning a free game.



711.2 mm (28")
1.549 m (61")
1.321 m (52")

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