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NewLeaf Entertainment was a joint venture between IBM and Blockbuster[3] established in early 1993[2][4] to develop the ambitious Game Factory service of rewritable Mega Drive cartridges.


We believe the system offers retailers and game publishers the ultimate in just-in-time inventory. With the ability to program game cartridges at retail locations, retailers and game publishers can maximize their opportunity to put products into customers’ hands and increase overall transactions.

President David Lundeen[5]

Originally founded as Soundsational, the company patented and developed an on-demand music kiosk system. Customers could step up to the kiosk and choose from instant selections of streamed music, and then have their purchases burnt to the format of their choice - frequently a CD or compact cassette - while they wait. Blockbuster, concerned over the potential for new technology to bring entertainment directly to the household (and negating the need for a rental store), began looking for ways to expand into new, more sustainable business models, and in 1990 found Soundsational.

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