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Nick Arcade
Studio: Nickelodeon Studios
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 84 (+1 pilot)
Original airdate: 1992-01-03[1]
Original channel(s): Nickelodeon

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Nick Arcade was a US game show presented by Phil Moore that aired on the Nickelodeon television network in the United States from 1992 to 1993 airing originally during weekend afternoons. Re-runs continued to be shown from time to time. Two teams of contestants played two initial rounds, with the winner advancing to play against the "Video Game Wizard" of the day. All of the custom games used on Nick Arcade were implemented on Amiga computers.


Two teams would face off and play a series of games over a certain number of rounds in a competition to win the most points. The games available for play differed from round to round. Most of the video games shown were specifically created for the show. The most well-known segment was the end-game, in which contestants stood in front of a blue-screen stage and navigated through video game levels superimposed onto the background on a video monitor.

In addition to the custom games, Nick Arcade featured several home video games for multiple systems. These were played whenever a team landed on a Video Challenge square on the game board, at which point one of the team members was given a choice of five video games to complete a challenge. The other player wagered all or part of their score on whether or not the first player could complete the challenge. Both Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis were featured in the Video Challenge segment.

List of episodes

Episodes were aired out of order originally. The first episode shown was 1x31.

Episode Video Name Date Airtime Description
1x00 Jody & Meadow vs. Brooke & Keith
1x01 Brian and Amy vs. Nicole and Richard
1x02 Megan and Kris vs. Tavis and Michelle
1x03 Phuong and Marcus vs. Joshua and Barbara
1x04 Michele and Ricardo vs. Tyrone and Amy
1x05 Trung and Marianne vs. Kori and Alex
1x06 Jamie and Terence vs. Steven and Laura
1x07 Thomas and April vs. Anne and Kevin
1x08 James & Tiffani vs. Marsha & Brian (Phil Moore Wears High-Waisted Jeans)
1x09 Chris & Jennifer vs. Jeremy & Tasha (Phil Moore Wears a Hawaiian Shirt)
1x10 Luis & Danae vs. Ricky & Lynn (Phil Moore Continues Wearing the Hawaiian Shirt)
1x11 Corey & Mariangela vs. Andy & Christy (Phil Moore Wears a Gold Shirt)
1x12 Stacy & Clint vs. Julie & Lloyd (Phil Moore Won't Take Off the Gold Shirt)
1x13 Jason & Norma vs. Jathan & Yolanda (Phil Moore Wears a T-Shirt)
1x14 Joseph & Danielle vs. Charles & Keri (Guest-Starring Joey Fatone)
1x15 Dana & Chris vs. Vanesha & Joshua
1x16 Shakir & Alisa vs. Kevin & Kerri
1x17 Matt & Anita vs. Stephanie & Joseph
1x18 Rubin & Brenda vs. L.J. & Gennifer
1x19 April & C. J. vs. Cristina & Yennimard
1x20 Darius & Erika vs. Douglas & Deana
1x21 Nickolas & Catherine vs. Ethan & Kristi
1x22 Erik & Monica vs. Ralph & Tracy
1x23 Griff & Shelina vs. Rizwan & Jessica
1x24 Jonathan & Nyya vs. Randy & Farah
1x25 Farah & Billy vs. Shani & Jennifer
1x26 Candice & Matt vs. Nicole & Andrea
1x27 Mark & Mandy vs. Jed & Nadine
1x28 David & Jennifer vs. Mike & Andrea
1x29 Selena & Marshall vs. Tineka & Hazel
1x30 Ray & Holly vs. Andrew & Kim 1992-01-04[1]
1x31 Jeff & Cathrine vs. Anthony & Jodie 1992-01-03[1]
1x32 Traci & Ned vs. Amy & Rachel
1x33 Teri & Joey vs. Amy & Von
1x34 Calvin & Katie vs. Mark & Cheryl
1x35 Sarah & Jessica vs. Eric & Katherine
1x36 Megan & Jackie vs. Ana & Shauna
1x37 Josh & Porche vs. Kenny & Beth
1x38 Dustin & Alison vs. Jason & Kema
1x39 Anthony & Tina vs. John & Stephanie 1992-03-01[1]
1x40 Jason & Diane vs. Ralph & Becca
1x41 Kenny & Amy vs. Tony & Liza
1x42 Fabiola & Tyson vs. Nakisha & Jeanay
2x01 Razi & Brooke vs Robert & Michele
2x02 Altresse & Katy vs. Ty & Dana
2x03 David & Kim vs. Nova & Alex
2x04 Sarah & Ben vs. Alecia & Kittisack
2x05 Aaron & Kerri vs. Breanne & Jamal
2x06 Travis & Rebeca vs. Chaketha & Tony
2x07 Anika & Patrick vs. Jennifer & Christopher
2x08 Marc & Erin vs. Sarah & John
2x09 Bobby & LaToya vs. Caroline & Michael
2x10 Laurene & Janette vs. Michelle & Shaun
2x11 Kemay & Billy vs. Clarisa & Mason
2x12 Liz & Caleb vs. Julie & Patrick
2x13 Brandi and Drit vs. Allie and Matt
2x14 David & Danielle vs. Shana & Matt
2x15 Toshia & Maneka vs. Christy & Ryan
2x16 Christie & Joe vs. Ronda & Jayson
2x17 Christy and Kevin vs. Casey and Quentin
2x18 Nikki & Chris vs. Nicole & Joy
2x19 Leeann & Conor vs. Sarah & Wellington
2x20 James & Suzy vs. Ryan & Jennifer
2x21 Austin & Meredith vs. Jeremy & Nikki
2x22 C.D. & Marc vs. Lisa & Wendy
2x23 Courtney & Alexander vs. Brindley & Shaun
2x24 Anatalia & Bobby vs. Elizabeth & Ryan
2x25 Salute Your Shorts Special
2x26 Zander & Taryn vs. Lucas & Natalie
2x27 Jay & Mike vs. Zahra & Deborah
2x28 Anand & Shannon vs. Michelle & Claudio
2x29 Kristin & Chris vs. Cas & Jeanine
2x30 Marie & John vs. Carolina & Tully
2x31 Shelly & Jennifer vs. Jessie & Kathy
2x32 Melissa & Rich vs. Dee Dee & Mike
2x33 Brent & Tricia vs. Erin & Jason
2x34 Welcome Freshman Special
  • Guest(s): Mike Speller, Nick Barnes, Jill Setter, Rick Galloway
2x35 Robert & Maureen vs. Dawn & Isaac
2x36 Isaac & Nick vs. Melissa & Jammie
2x37 Danny & Elizabeth vs. Matt & Jennifer
2x38 Kelly & Austin vs. Luis & Bonnie
2x39 John & Bard vs. Christie & Walker
2x40 Ricky & Amber vs. Matthew & Darlene
2x41 Gina & Derek vs. Quincey & Robert
2x42 Clarissa Explains It All Special

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