Night Rider

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Night Rider
System(s): Electro-mechanical arcade
Publisher: Sega
Number of players: 1
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Arcade (Electro-Mechanical)
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Night Rider is a 1970 electro-mechanical arcade motorcycle racing game created by Sega.

Players race a motorcycle down a dark, black-lit track screen trying to avoid obstacles. When the player crashes, the cycle is flipped over. Night Rider has two modes: novice and expert. The game features light-up road signs and a solid-state sound system with three sounds.

It was displayed on a screen from a first-person perspective, and was an electro-mechanical precursor to the 1976 arcade racing video games Road Race, Fonz, Moto-Cross, Man T.T. and Night Driver.



736.6 mm (29")
1.753 m (69")
914.4 mm (36")

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