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Spirit Warrior Projectile C-PSI damage

The projectile fired from the Spirit Warrior Projectile ability is intended to despawn upon deactivation of Spirit Warrior Mode. However, if the Mode is quickly cancelled immediately after firing the Projectile, its despawn timing becomes misaligned with the Mode's deactivation. This results in a single frame where the projectile can cause damage while outside of Spirit Warrior Mode, reducing enemies C-PSI instead of their I-PSI, as well as spawning a second soul from enemies with remaining I-PSI. Depending on the player's current difficulty scale, this damage output can virtually surpass any other ability.[1]

Not fixed in any version.

Warrior Puppet in Maggot-Men Act

NightmareCircus MD BR WarriorPuppetbug.png

Occasionally, while entering Maggot-Men Act from The Ticket Office, one of the previous stage's Warrior Puppet enemies fails to properly despawn and is carried into the stage.[2]

Not fixed in any version.

Boss despawn delay


Upon defeating a boss, players must wait for 8 seconds before the game proceeds to the next stage. It is currently unknown if this is a legitimate bug, or a feature of the game's Tweaker menu that was not corrected for the final release.

Not fixed in any version.


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