Nihon Goraku Bussan

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Nihon Goraku Bussan
Founded: 1960-05-31
Merged with: Rosen Enterprises (1965-07-01)
Headquarters: 404, 6-chome, Araijuku, Ōta, Tokyo, Japan (formerly: 87, 1-chome, Nishi Osaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo)

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Nihon Goraku Bussan (日本娯楽物産株式会社, lit. Japanese Amusement Products Company, Inc.[1]) was a successor to the distribution arm of Service Games, Japan, incorporated on the same day as Nihon Kikai Seizou (the manufacturing arm) in Japan. It was operated by Richard StewartMore...[2].

The company's history is not fully understood, however it is thought to have been and traded as Uta MaticMore...[3]More...[4]. Nihon Goraku Bussan's main source of income appears to have been distributing jukeboxes on behalf of Rock-Ola, at one point employing 600 peopleMore...[5]More...[6], and being the largest distributor of its type in JapanMore...[7].

Despite originally being split in 1960, Nihon Goraku Bussan would acquire Nihon Kikai Seizo (trading[8][9]More...[4] as "Sega, Inc.") in June 1964. This now biggerMore...[10] Nihon Goraku Bussan would merge with Rosen Enterprises to create Sega Enterprises, Ltd. in 1965More...[7]More...[11].


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