Part numbers/253

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Part numbers starting with "253" include plastic casings and parts.

Number Description Reference
253-5022-B KEYBOARD PANEL BLACK Media:SC-3000ServiceManual.pdf[1]
253-5022-I KEYBOARD PANEL IVORY Media:SC-3000ServiceManual.pdf[1]
253-5022-R KEYBOARD PANEL RED Media:SC-3000ServiceManual.pdf[1]
253-5022-HO KEYBOARD PANEL HOME COMPUTER BLACK Media:SC-3000ServiceManual.pdf[1]
253-5022-YE KEYBOARD PANEL YENO BLACK Media:SC-3000ServiceManual.pdf[1]
253-5023-B BOTTOM CASE BLACK Media:SC-3000ServiceManual.pdf[1]
253-5023-I BOTTOM CASE IVORY Media:SC-3000ServiceManual.pdf[1]
253-5023-R BOTTOM CASE RED Media:SC-3000ServiceManual.pdf[1]
253-5366 CASH BOX Media:SegaRacingClassic Ringwide Manual.pdf[2]
253-5457 FL HOLDER Media:SegaRacingClassic Ringwide Manual.pdf[3]
253-5460-01 AIR VENT BLACK Media:SegaRacingClassic Ringwide Manual.pdf[3]
253-6923 MD2 HOLDER MARS Media:Genesis32XUSManual.pdf[4]