Planet Joker

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PlanetJoker title.png
Planet Joker
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Naxat Soft
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (14 tracks)
Peripherals supported: Shuttle Mouse, 3D Control Pad
Genre: Shooting[1]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,800 (5,974)5,800e[2] T-18711G
Sega Rating: All Ages

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Planet Joker (プラネット・ジョーカー) is a 2.5D shoot-'em-up for the Sega Saturn. It was released exclusively in Japan.


On May 17, 2039, a mysterious army suddenly invades Tokyo. They occupied the Japanese center in just an hour, and the mastermind demanded that all production activities in Japan and oil consumption be stopped.

Three female pilots belonging to a special unit of the Self-Defense Forces were ordered to suppress this mysterious army. Operation name "alien crush".


PlanetJoker Saturn JP SPSatomi.png Satomi Takayama (サトミ・タカヤマ)
The main character of this game. Captain of the 17th platoon of the SDF Special Forces. 23 years old, Japanese.
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SPEllen.png Elen Rockwell (エレン・ロックウェル)
A subordinate of a platoon led by the main character. 22 years old, American.
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SPSara.png Sahra Huga (サラ・ユーガ)
A subordinate of a platoon led by the main character. 20 years old, Indian.
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SPMika.png Mika Yamamoto (ミカ・ヤマモト)
Operator and communication manager. 23 years old, Japanese.
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SPTakasugi.png Takao Takasugi (タカオ・タカスギ)
Commander of the SDF Special Forces. 53 years old, Japanese.
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SPJohn.png John Markwell (ジョン・マークウェル)
The mastermind of this terrorist attack. 66 years old, American.


A vertical scrolling shooting with a bird's eye view, such as Layer Section II. Shots, bombs and charge attacks are possible.


  • Normal mode: Normal game mode to clear 7 stages. If the difficulty level is Easy, it will end on missiono 4. If continue, it will start from the beginning of the stage.
  • Time attack: Mode to compete for the time to reach 300,000 points.
  • Score attack: Mode to compete for points in 3 minutes.
  • Boss attack: It can be played by clearing the normal mode. Mode to compete for clear time by playing only the boss battle.


Button settings cannot be changed.

Move list
Name Command Description
Shot A Auto fire while pressing.
Bomb B There are two types: crash and wave. Waves can be fired after accumulating their power by holding down the button.
Charge attack C / R Use while pressing. It is invincible during the attack and attacks by hitting the enemy. The charge gauge is consumed during use.


It can be roughly divided into three types: attack, bomb, and shield. Attacks and bombs change over time.

Shot (Blue)
Attack item. Switch weapons to normal and power up. Up to 3 levels are possible.
Laser (Green)
Attack item. Switch weapons to laser and power up. Up to 3 levels are possible.
Missile (Yellow)
Attack item. Switch weapons to missile and power up. Up to 3 levels are possible.
Charge (Orange)
Attack item. Increase the charge gauge.
Bomb (Wave)
Bomb item. Increases Wave Bomb. You can have up to 10 bombs in total.
Bomb (Crash)
Bomb item. Increases Crash Bomb. You can have up to 10 bombs in total.
Shield item. Restore the shield.


There are 8 types, and 1 type is a hidden chracter. Each has a different charge, movement, defense, attack range, and weapons. There are various attack methods, and some of them are difficult to use.

PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSPlayer1.png

■Charge: ★★★
■Move speed: ★★★
■Defense: ★★★
■Attack range: ★★★
□Laser: Laser
□Normal shot: Shot gun
□Missile: Homing missile

PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSPlayer2.png

■Charge: ★★★
■Move speed: ★★★★★★
■Defense: ★
■Attack range: ★★★
□Laser: Arrow laser
□Normal shot: Swing gun
□Missile: Tomahawk missile

PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSPlayer3.png

■Charge: ★★★
■Move speed: ★
■Defense: ★★★
■Attack range: ★★★★
□Laser: Undulation laser
□Normal shot: Spread gun
□Missile: Napalm missile

PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSPlayer4.png
Lasers with a narrow attack range and backward shots are quite difficult to use.

■Charge: ★★★★★
■Move speed: ★★★★
■Defense: ★★★
■Attack range: ★
□Laser: Circulet laser
□Normal shot: Rear gun
□Missile: Spread missile

PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSPlayer5.png

■Charge: ★★★
■Move speed: ★★
■Defense: ★★★★★
■Attack range: ★★
□Laser: Wave laser
□Normal shot: Side shot
□Missile: Mine missile

PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSPlayer6.png

■Charge: ★★★
■Move speed: ★★
■Defense: ★★★
■Attack range: ★★★★
□Laser: Homing laser
□Normal shot: 3way shot
□Missile: Flash missile

PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSPlayer7.png

■Charge: ★
■Move speed: ★★★
■Defense: ★★★
■Attack range: ★★★★
□Laser: Thunder laser
□Normal shot: Round shot
□Missile: Side winder

PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSPlayer8.png
It can be used by clearing the normal mode with a difficulty level of hard.

■Charge: ★★★
■Move speed: ★★★★
■Defense: ★★★★★
■Attack range: ★★★
□Laser: Destruct laser
□Normal shot: Destruct shot
□Missile: Homing napalm


PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage1-1.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage1-2.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage1-B.png
Mission 1: 18th May AM 5:00
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage2-1.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage2-2.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage2-B.png
Mission 2: 18th May PM 0:00
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage3-1.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage3-2.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage3-B.png
Mission 3: 18th May PM 6:00
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage4-1.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage4-2.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage4-B.png
Mission 4: 19th May AM 4:00
If the difficulty level is Easy, the game will be over in this mission.
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage5-1.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage5-2.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage5-B.png
Mission 5: 19th May AM 11:00
The mid-boss has a safety zone in the upper right corner of the screen.
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage6-1.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage6-2.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage6-B.png
Mission 6: 19th May PM 1:00
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage7-1.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage7-2.png
PlanetJoker Saturn JP SSStage7-B.png
Mission 7: 19th May PM 4:00

Production credits

  • サトミ: 岩見 博子
  • エレン: 加藤 美由紀
  • サラ: 山口 未知世
  • ミカ: 福當 亜樹
  • 司令官: 野上 智之
  • ジョーカー: 平井 正一, 惣林坊 さなえ
  • ジョン: 松本 智行
  • ナレーション: 北谷 彰基
  • キャラクターデザイン: 堀口 恵介
  • オープニング主題歌
    • 作詞: 藤井 健一
    • 作曲: 藤井 健一
    • : 平山 百合
  • エンディング主題歌
    • 作詞: 藤井 健一
    • 作曲: 藤井 健一
    • : 平山 百合
  • 制作協力: 代々木アニメーション学院
  • 制作・著作: 株式会社ナグザット, IMP
Source: In-game credits (JP)[3]

  • ■Executive Producer: 下地 浩
  • ■Program: 井美 公二, 倪 健興, 山崎 高敬
  • ■Planning: 倪 健興
  • ■Graphic: スタジオオウル, 吉田 大也
  • ■3D Graphic: 神内 純弘, 杉野 力, 小畑 昌司, 田崎 信也
  • ■Visual Graphic: ジラフ ソフト, 中村 浩人, 世古 隆行
  • ■Sound: ユーリズム, 遠藤 宏, 藤井 健一, 高野 充彦
  • ■Sales: 吉田 茂, 本多 猛, 野間 広, 深沢 智和, 渡邉 孝樹
  • ■Animation: 代々木アニメーション学院
  • ■Special Thanks: 代々木アニメーション学院, 井上 正樹, 西嶋 信一, 川枝 浩和
(C)1997 Naxat Soft / IMP
Source: In-game credits (JP)[4]

Magazine articles

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Promotional material


Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-08: "1997-08 (1997-03-21)" (1997-03-07)

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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
525,227,472 1997-03-07 CD-ROM (JP) T-18711G V1.000

Track list

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2. (Song 01) (02:37) 
From: Opening

3. (BGM 01) (01:33) 

4. (BGM 02) (01:35) 

5. (BGM 03) (02:00) 

6. (Demo 01) (01:04) 
From: Opening

7. (Demo 02) (01:32) 
From: Mission 1 start

8. (Demo 03) (01:25) 
From: Mission 2 start

9. (Demo 04) (01:27) 
From: Mission 3 start

10. (Demo 05) (04:41) 
From: Mission 3 clear

11. (Demo 06) (00:48) 
From: Mission 4

12. (Demo 07) (06:02) 
From: Mission 4 clear

13. (Demo 08) (01:41) 
From: Mission 7 clear

14. (Song 02) (03:50) 
From: Ending

15. (Voice 01) (00:04) 
From: Game over
Running time: 30:19

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