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PortugalRadical Book PT 1994.pdf
Portugal Radical
Publisher: Ulifer - Produções de Publicidade, Lda.
Genre: Sticker Book
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The Portugal Radical sticker book, was the official sticker book of the weekly extreme sports and interview television series "Portugal Radical"[2], aired on Portuguese television channel SIC - Sociedade Independente de Comunicação from 1992 to 2002.

Released free of charge in 1994, along with a collection of 216 stickers featuring the best moments of the series and with the backing of SIC, TV production company Quevideo - Produção de Audiovisuais, Crl. and the now defunct Portuguese private radio station NRJ - Rádio Energia[3][4][5] (founded in 1991 and dissolved in 1996[6]; not to be confused with the homonymous French private radio station NRJ) and the sponsorships of Ecofilmes, Sony Portugal, Lda. , IBA - Importadora de Bicicletas e Acessórios, Lda. an importer and distributor of bicycles and bicycle parts, Multisurf - Importação e Exportação, Lda. an importer and distributor of surf-inspired apparel and acessories, the sporting goods importer and distributor Desportil - Importação e Exportação, Lda., Portuguese computer store Game Informática, Lda.[7], Portuguese sporting goods importer, exporter and manufacturer Molhe Leste - Importação e Exportação, Lda. and Portuguese scholl supplies manufacturer Francisco Más, Lda., it gave collectors a chance to win one or more of the several prizes it offered, which consisted of Sega Game Gear consoles, t-shirts and sneakers from Converse, bicycles, surf and bodyboard boards, computers, Walkman-branded portable cassette players and "Portugal Radical"-themed school supplies.

Collectors had to look for the prized stickers dubbed "Radical Sticker" in their packets, to instantly win one of the prizes featured in them.


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