Press Release: 1996-05-16: SegaSoft Cleans Up with Three Dirty Dwarves

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-- Hot, new independent developer launches premier title on multiple platforms --

LOS ANGELES (May 16, 1996) - There's no time to freshen up so grab a bat to battle packs of street bullies in SegaSoft's new action-adventure title introduced here today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Three Dirty Dwarves represents SegaSoft's debut title since the software company was founded in November 1995.

"Three Dirty Dwarves offers quality, action-packed, comic entertainment that game players will enjoy and come to expect from SegaSoft," said Joseph B. Miller, executive vice president, SegaSoft, Inc. "The crisp, detailed animated characters and multiple levels of challenging game play puts Three Dirty Dwarves in a category by itself and makes this a must-have game."

About the Game
Three Dirty Dwarves features four genius kids who have been genetically altered in a military experiment that has gone wrong. To escape their new dreaded world, the children play a fantasy role-playing board game. During their last game together, the children command three heroic dwarves from the board game to help rescue them from the evil General Briggs. With a roll of the dice, the children are separated from each other and the three dirty dwarves are thrust through a trans-dimensional gate and into the streets of the Bronx.
The dwarves land in a sporting goods store and choose baseball bats, bowling pins, footballs and baseballs as their fighting tools in their quest to free and reunite the children. There is just one more problem: There's no time to freshen up because the gate never closed and now there are armies of evil Orcs causing havoc everywhere!

Game Play

Three Dirty Dwarves' fast-paced, comic game play will keep players' hands stuck to their controller for hours as they battle highly animated characters (⋅ la MTV animation) from all directions in three-dimensional backgrounds. The comical game also features voices from each of the three dirty dwarves (Greg, Taconic and Corthag) and high-energy funk music for true a "urban" beat.
Bat your way (literally) through these tough city streets taking on hordes of villains, including the armies of evil Orcs, and other sinister foes like the Pit Bully, the Warden, the Duck Tape Lady, MOTS (Master Of Thousand Swords) and the Gym House Boss. Of course, if you find your back against the wall, use the morph dwarf mode to combine all three dwarves for quick attacks. Maneuver the heroic dwarves to the ultimate battle with the evil General Briggs who is holding the children captive.

Play as one of the dwarves or alternate between all three, or team up with two additional friends to each play a dwarf. Users of the Sega Saturn version can also have up to three players with the Sega 6playerTM adapter. Three Dirty Dwarves features 15 wacko levels of non-stop action.

Three Dirty Dwarves will be available this Fall on multiple platforms including, Sega Saturn and Win95 at an estimated street price of $44.95.

About SegaSoft

SegaSoft was founded in 1995 and develops interactive software and content for delivery on all platforms, including PCs, gaming consoles and the Internet. SegaSoft is a joint venture of CSK Corporation and Sega of America, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of the $4 billion Sega Enterprises Ltd., a global leader in interactive digital entertainment media. SegaSoft is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., where it employs 150.
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