Press Release: 1996-09-01: SegaSoft Alters Reality With the Launch of Obsidian

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An Extraordinary 3-D, Graphic Adventure CD-ROM Game Set to Music by Thomas Dolby

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (September 1, 1996) - Obsidian is a dreamlike, first- person graphic adventure which propels gamers through a wild and strangely intriguing techno-organic world. SegaSoft, Inc., which is publishing this product developed by Rocket Science Games, has announced plans to ship Obsidian in November '96 for Windows '95 and Mac CD-ROM at an MSRP of $49.99.

"We consider Obsidian to be one of our key titles which will establish our market presence this holiday season," said Gary Griffiths, president, SegaSoft. "Obsidian is designed for hard-core gamers that want an experience that will challenge and engage their minds and take them to another reality for hours at a time."

Game Storyline

In Obsidian, the game player takes on the role of Lilah, an environmental scientist who has just embarked on a long-awaited vacation with her partner, Max. They decide to go camping in the wilderness, and within hours of arrival at the remote destination, Max mysteriously disappears. Lilah sets out to find him in the midst of this surreal and stunningly beautiful dream world.
One must negotiate five, reality-altering realms vividly rendered in 3D in order to unravel the mystery surrounding this strange new world and find Max. Each environment offers many fresh new puzzles carefully integrated into the storyline. Players will question perspective and the known laws of physics before grasping the revelations that solve these puzzles.

Thomas Dolby has created an original soundtrack for the game, providing participants with a distinctly different immersive experience through each of the five dreamlike realms. Obsidian offers players over 50 hours of non-linear gameplay where they are free to explore every corner of this hallucinogenic environment. Obsidian holds over 25 original, integrated puzzles (designed by Scott Kim) for players to solve, and rewards those who dare to create their own rules.

System Requirements

The Windows version will require a Pentium 90 processor or higher with 16 MB of RAM, Windows 95 operating system, a 4x CD-ROM drive, a 16 bit video card, and a 16 bit audio card. The Macintosh game will require a Power Mac 6100 or higher with 16 MB of RAM, and a 4x CD-ROM drive.
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