Press Release: 1996-11-25: SegaSoft Forms Strategic Alliance with Interactive Imaginations

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Acclaimed for its precision online marketing, Interactive Imaginationsí game show is rated most popular site on the Web

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (November 25, 1996) ó SegaSoft, Inc. today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Interactive Imaginations, a New York City firm whose innovative one-to-one marketing model has attracted a roster of blue chip clients and made the companyís site the most popular hangout on the World Wide Web, according to PC Meter LP.

SegaSoft, an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, will license key portions of Interactive Imaginationsí sophisticated ad-serving and demographic-tracking technologies. SegaSoft will also utilize of Interactive Imaginationsí highly successful advertising sales force.

The alliance is the latest in a series of moves designed to make SegaSoft the premier provider of software and content for delivery on all platforms, including the World Wide Web. Earlier this year, SegaSoft acquired a similar technology license with Mpath Interactive, as well as an equity relationship. Mpath, who recently launched its MPlayer Multiplayer Internet gaming site, is highly regarded for achieving the lowest latency gameplay on the Internet.

"Like the fuel, energy and oxygen needed to ignite a fire, SegaSoft now has the content, the technology and business model needed to set the online gaming world ablaze," said SegaSoft President and Chief Operating Officer Gary Griffiths. "With our strategic alliance with Interactive Imaginations, the elements are now in place for SegaSoft to generate substantial new heat and light in the ever-expanding universe of online entertainment."

Interactive Imaginations specializes in integrating Web entertainment and advertising into a seamless whole. The companyís Riddler game show ( is rated the most popular site on the World Wide Web, based on average amount of time spent on the site per user session, as reported by PC Meter LP. In its report for September, 1996, PC Meter indicated that users spent more time per playing day on Riddler than on any other site on the Web. The average time spent per unique player per usage day on Riddler was 34.19 minutes, approximately twice the amount of time spent on the second highest ranking site in their report.

Riddler has attracted some 250,000 registered users who exchange detailed information about themselves for the chance to compete in highly engaging contests and win valuable prizes. With its unmatched ability to deliver advertisersí messages, products and logos to precise demographics, the Riddler has attracted such advertisers as AT&T;, Capitol Records, Microsoft and Toyota.

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