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Shadoan Joins Family Of Popular Action, Adventure Games

TORONTO (Ontario), January , 1997 – ReadySoft has gained exclusive publishing rights to Shadoan for PC and Macintosh, the fantasy adventure game originally released by Interplay. This complements ReadySoft's previously obtained rights to the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation versions.

ReadySoft, which was recently acquired by Malofilm Communications -- one of Canada's largest publicly traded entertainment companies, sees the opportunity to fill the void of good product between educational and Duke Nukem. This unprecedented move by ReadySoft to acquire the rights form Interplay was prompted by the title song from the game hitting the music charts, resulting in national and international television coverage reaching more than 25 million people.

"During the six weeks of negotiations to acquire these rights, the retail product supply was virtually exhausted," said James Jolly, Sales Manager of ReadySoft. "We now have the enviable challenge of keeping up with demand."

Featuring more than 70,000 cells of hand drawn animation, Shadoan follows the adventures of the hero Lathan Kandor as he searches for the last two remaining relics in the Kingdom of Shadoan and confronts the evil wizard Torlok in what will become their final battle.

With a production cost of over $3,000,000, making it one of the most expensive games in history, the Shadoan series features 30 completely-original musical tracks composed by some of the same musicians who worked on Disney's Pocohontas and Beauty and the Beast. Shadoan is also the first game to have its title song , Where Do We Go From Here, cross over into the music industry and hit the Top 10 charts in some markets.

"This puts us in a position to more fully exploit the product line" said David Foster, General Manager of ReadySoft. "We see this as a great opportunity to get further involved with this exciting product."

Shadoan's creator, Rick Dyer, President and CEO of Virtual Image Productions, is the creator of past megahits such as Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Time Traveler.

Shadoan, one in a series of five Kingdom games, will be available immediately through ReadySoft on PC and in late first quarter for Macintosh. ReadySoft is also scheduled to release versions for Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn in March, 1997. For more information contact ReadySoft Inc. at 416/322-7350.

ReadySoft, which is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, publishes a variety of action and adventure games for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The company also has titles available for Sega and Sony. Popular titles include Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and BrainDead 13. For more information, visit the company's Web site at