Press release: 1991-03-01: Source Level Symbolic Debugger

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Sierra Systems has introduced QuickFix, a high-end C language source-level symbolic debugger for the 68000 family. The debugger's advanced hardware/software design complements the company's previous product, the Sierra C cross-development compiler for embedded applications.
The debugger offers a quick-connecting parallel ROM communication cable, convenient multi-window display, and commands featuring a C-like syntax for extremely intuitive operation.

QuickFix's high-speed performance can be attributed to the parallel ROM communications interface. The debugger has six display windows: Source Window, Register Window, Command Window, Data Display Window, Terminal Emulation Window, and Help Window.

QuickFix command expressions follow C language syntax and semantics. Expressions can incorporate any C operator, including casts and functions calls. All local and global variables can be referenced by their symbolic names, and the stack trace can be examined to determine the exact function nesting. For repetitive operations, debugger commands can be grouped into macros or placed into batch command files.

With QuickFix, programmers can observe, control, and modify embedded applications as they execute on the target system. The debugger can set breakpoints in either ROM or RAM, set watchpoints, display and modify register and memory contents, and trace program execution. Conditional breakpoints and code patching allow users to test bug fixes quickly and efficiently without recompiling and reloading the target program.

The QuickFix debugger hosted on PC AT computers, including the target systems monitor in source form and ROM communication cable, costs $1,500 when purchased with the Sierra C Compiler. When purchased separately, QuickFix costs $1,750. For more information, contact Sierra Systems, 6728 Evergreen Ave., Oakland, CA 94611, (415) 339-8200; FAX (415) 339-3844.