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WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Responding to calls by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) for federal oversight of ratings standards for the video game industry, the industry's leader, Sega of America, applauded Lieberman's intent while urging Congress to allow a private sector rating system, much like that used for the motion picture industry, to take hold.

Sega, which introduced such a rating system over six months ago, has established three ratings for its games: "GA" for general audiences; "MA-13" for mature audiences with parental discretion advised; and "MA-17" for adults, not appropriate for minors.

"No one wants young children exposed to violence or themes more appropriate to a mature audience," said Sega Vice President for Marketing Bill White. "That's why we instituted the rating system for our games. But people need to know that this industry is changing to accommodate its customer base. The Atari generation has grown up and they haven't stopped playing video games. As they have matured, their tastes have changed, and as technology has changed, so have our video games."

At a news conference today, Lieberman appeared with Bob Keeshan, TV's Captain Kangaroo, to add emphasis to his appeal for non-violent games.

"The facts are, less than one quarter of our customer base is under 12 and is likely to be watching Captain Kangaroo," said White. "More than 40 percent of our software users are over 18. The adult market today wants something more than just playing PAC MAN."

White is careful to point out, however, that not all games geared for adults are violent. Most involve sports-oriented interactive games which account for 40 percent of all games sold. Sega offers a full line of games from family entertainment to sports and action/adventure games. More than 90 percent have a "GA" rating.

"We are proud," said White, "that Sega is taking a leadership role in providing parents with the tools to monitor the games their children will play. We invite the rest of the industry to follow suit."

Sega of America, Inc., which markets and distributes to North America, is a wholly owned subsidiary of $3.0 billion Sega Enterprises, Ltd., Japan. Sega is a worldwide leader in home video entertainment systems.

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