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Fox Interactive Releases Video Game Concurrently With The Highly Anticipated Live Action/Animated Film Starring Macaulay Culkin

Game Features Secret Bonus Chambers, Wondrous Weapons and 68 Levels Of Action And Discovery

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- In what is being called a "first" in the video game industry, Fox Interactive is concurrently releasing one of its first games, "the Pagemaster," with the national debut of the film starring Macaulay Culkin. The video game, which follows the same story and characters featured in the film, will be available nationwide this November on Sega Genesis (SRP $64.98), Super NES (SRP $64.98) and Nintendo Super Game Boy (SRP $29.98) platforms.

Based on the story and characters in Twentieth Century Fox's eagerly awaited live action/animated feature film starring Culkin, "the Pagemaster" takes players on a mysterious adventure through a magical library filled with daring challenges, secret passageways and relentless traps. Players become Richard Tyler (Culkin), an overly cautious young boy who quickly learns to trade in his fears for a slew of lethal weapons such as magic dust, gooey eye balls and a swarthy pirate's sword. Other weapons include "sticky hands," a tacky ooze that gives players the ability to scale the underside of ceilings.

With some of classic literature's most gruesome, infamous (and sometimes even annoying characters such as Frankenstein, the Big Bad Wolf, Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, among others hot on Richard's trail, the Pagemaster is an action-packed adventure sure to challenge and intrigue players of all levels.

The three huge worlds -- Horror, Fantasy and Adventure -- include a total of 68 levels. Multiple game playing styles include action-adventure, flying and discovery. Due to the numerous paths to the neon "exit" signs, "the Pagemaster" offers great repeat play value.

From mid-November through December, Pizza Hut will offer "the Pagemaster"-themed activity booklets featuring video game highlights and exclusive game clues to kids dining at the restaurant. In addition, customers can receive a $5 rebate coupon for "the Pagemaster" video game. Video game highlights and game clues will also be featured in the November/December issue of Totally Kids Magazine. On Nov. 13, a sweepstakes offering free Nintendo and Sega Genesis game cartridges as prizes was featured in a free-standing insert in 60 million households throughout the country.

Fox Interactive is a division of Twentieth Century Fox, a major operating unit of Fox Inc. Fox Interactive creates and acquires entertainment and educational properties for the development of interactive multimedia software. FoxVideo is responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of Fox Interactive products. The Pagemaster is a property of Fox Interactive.

"The Pagemaster"
Available: November 1994
Category: Platform/Action-Adventure
Players: 1
Platforms: Sega Genesis -- 16 meg (SRP $64.98) and Super NES 16 meg (SRP $64.98) and Nintendo Super Game Boy * ($29.98)
Developer: Probe Software
Product Highlights:
 -- A huge and exciting game consisting of three stages -- Adventure, Horror and Fantasy -- and a total of 68 levels plus hidden bonus chambers.
 -- Three distinctive 3-D flying levels.
 -- Unique navigation system allows players to choose their game play.
 -- Multiple game playing strategies including action, flying and discovery.
 -- High-quality music and digitized voice samples.
 -- Smooth character animation gives the game's animation "movie" quality.

* Nintendo Super Game Boy:
 "the Pagemaster" is also available on Nintendo Super Game Boy. Featuring 18 levels of perilous adventure, this platform takes full advantage of the Super Game Boy adapter and features a special color for each level.

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