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CALGARY, ALBERTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 7, 1994-- QSOUND LABS, INC. (TSE:QSL)(NASDAQ:QSNDF) announced today that as part of Qsound Labs continuing alliance with Sega, QSound is now available in Sega's new 32X and Saturn products which were introduced in late November.

The Company recently completed the development of the QSound modules designed for these hardware platforms and the first home video games utilizing QSound will be available in early 1995. QSound enhanced games have been available for the Sega CD-ROM platform since 1993.

Sega's new 32X will enable the current 13 million Genesis, Sega CD and Mega CD users to upgrade their existing hardware for one third the cost of current 32-bit hardware. Sega originally predicted worldwide sales of 2.5 million hardware units during the first year of 32X's introduction but now feels this prediction is low based on initial product response. The Saturn system is currently available in Japan and is expected to be introduced in the U.S. in 1995.

QSound Labs' virtual audio algorithm provides software developers with the means to produce highly interactive, lifelike audio effects that add realism to any game. With QSound, developers can place sounds beyond the confines of the screen and completely immerse the player in the action of the game.

Additionally, QSound is available on games for the Atari Jaguar and 3DO home entertainment systems. Some titles currently available are "Demolition Man" (Sega CD & 3DO), "The Secret Garden" (CD-ROM), "Street Fighter II Turbo" (3DO), "Terminator , ECCO the Dolphin, The Amazing Spiderman, Sonic CD, Joe Montana Football, Jurassic Park and the new ECCO, Tides of Time" (Sega CD).

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