Press release: 1994-12-12: Demand for Sega's 32X arcade upgrade unit exceed supply

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Demand for Sega's 32X arcade upgrade unit exceed supply; Sega shipping around the clock to fill demand.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 12, 1994--Just weeks after its national consumer debut, retail and consumer demand for Sega's Genesis 32X arcade upgrade system have exceeded the current available supply.

More than 1 million units were preordered by retailers for the holiday season; Sega has been able to ship only fewer than 350,000 units to date and, as announced previously, will be able to manufacture only 600,000 units before Christmas.

The surge for the new upgrade is attributed to the high demand from the nearly 18 million Genesis owners who want the next level in video games without a prohibitive price tag. Genesis 32X is the first 32-bit upgrade system for the 16-bit Sega Genesis machine that delivers arcade-quality graphics, power and speed for about $150. Other 32-bit systems cost upwards of $300.

According to Bob Lindsey, Sega group director of marketing for 32X, more than 200,000 have been sold, while 100,000 units alone were sold during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

``Right now, Sega is pulling out all the stops to get product to retailers for the holidays,'' said Lindsey. ``We are literally shipping 32X around the clock -- getting 32X right off the production lines and into toy and consumer-electronics stores across the U.S.''

Based on initial retail and consumer response, Sega anticipates meeting its initial projections of selling 600,000 units by Christmas earlier than planned, making the Genesis 32X one of the hottest gifts for the holidays.

Retailers nationwide are reporting that sales for 32X are strong, noting that customers were buying up the hardware before the software was available.

According to Lindsey, sales of 32X have boosted the video-game category for both retailers and consumers.

``The introduction of 32X comes at a pivotal time for retailers. While video-game sales are up 10 percent from last year, consumer- electronics sales in general are down; retailers are looking for new ways to regenerate those sales by adding value to existing products. 32X is another way that Sega is driving the market as it not only boosts sales as an add-on, but will stimulate additional sales of Sega hardware including Genesis and Sega CD. We're seeing the next level of gaming take off,'' Lindsey continued.

Genesis 32X was launched nationally on Nov. 21, supported by four software titles for the holidays, including ``Doom,'' ``Star Wars Arcade,'' ``Virtua Racing Deluxe'' and ``Cosmic Carnage.'' Twenty titles -- including 32X CD games -- are expected by March '95, and more than 100 first- and third-party titles will be available by December '95.

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