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Mario Lemieux Helps Launch the New Service in Scott Township Home of First Customer

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- TCI of Pennsylvania today launched a new service known as The SEGA Channel, which will provide customers with unlimited access to an extensive selection of video games -- delivered to television sets through TCI's cable systems -- for an attractive monthly fee of $12.95.

TCI of Pennsylvania is the first cable system in America to fully launch The SEGA Channel, as the service has been available only in a handful of test markets.

The company introduced its new service with a special event at the home of the first official SEGA Channel customer, the Hout family of Scott Township. Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Mario Lemieux, whose exploits are the basis for a hockey video game, attended the event and played his namesake game with 12-year-old Michael Hout, an avid gamer.

"I was happy that TCI and SEGA Channel invited me to come, since it's the only place right now where I can play hockey," joked Mr. Lemieux, referring to the current labor dispute that has delayed the start of the National Hockey League season.

James M. Mazur, General Manager of TCI's Pittsburgh Supersystem, called The SEGA Channel an example of the exciting and innovative services the company will offer as it completes its conversion to fiber optic delivery.

"We have completed and activated 800 miles of fiber construction, and we expect to complete an additional 3,100 miles in 1995," Mr. Mazur said. "As we add capacity and become a comprehensive provider of telecommunications services, I am quite sure you will see us offer a compelling variety of new services such as The SEGA Channel.

"I think it is significant that SEGA Channel and TCI chose the Pittsburgh market for the initial SEGA Channel launch. It is a tribute to the strength and reliability of our system, as well as the sophistication and product knowledge of Southwestern Pennsylvania cable customers."

The SEGA Channel captures all the appeal of video games on a signal that is delivered by satellite to TCI of Pennsylvania, and through TCI's cable wires to the homes of customers. Customers access the channel with their core SEGA Genesis units and a special adaptor kit provided by TCI of Pennsylvania.

The SEGA Channel provides several key advantages. Beyond the $12.95 monthly charge, customers pay only a one-time activation fee of $25. Typical daily rental rates for video games are as much as $4, while purchase prices for games can reach $60 or more. SEGA Channel customers will have unlimited access to the service, playing as little or as often as they choose.

"When customers compare our prices with those at video stores, I think they will consider The SEGA Channel a tremendous value," Mr. Mazur said.

A second advantage of the new service is its wide selection of titles -- 50 games available each month -- that are listed in a menu for customer selection. Each month 75 percent of the titles will be changed, assuring broad selection for customers. In addition, the channel will feature top video game titles by all the major games publishers.

"This is a milestone for SEGA Channel," said Stanley B. Thomas, President and CEO of SEGA Channel. "We're very excited that Pittsburgh could join us today in making cable television history."

The SEGA Channel is available beginning today to most of TCI's 390,000 customers in the seven-county Pittsburgh Supersystem, and is offered as an optional service. Customers may receive the service irrespective of the level of basic service to which they subscribe. The SEGA Channel is not available to TCI's commercial customers.

To order, customers may call TCI of Pennsylvania and arrange to pick up a self-installed adaptor kit at their local TCI Service Center.

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