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'R.B.I.(TM) Baseball '95' Previews on Sega(TM) Genesis(TM) 32X(TM) and Sega(TM) CD(TM) at Winter Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Time Warner Interactive, Inc., Games Division today announced the preview of "R.B.I. Baseball '95" for the Sega CD(TM) and the Sega(TM) Genesis(TM) 32X(TM) at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show. Products are being shown at Time Warner Interactive's suite #2903 at the St. Tropez hotel. The best-selling baseball game of all time is being re-created for the new 32X and CD gaming systems. "R.B.I.(TM) Baseball '95" takes the elements of a great baseball game: the real players, their stats, and the Major League Baseball Players' Association (MLBPA) license and supports them with new video and animation technology, a supercharged intelligent software engine, and a raft of new features, for a challenging baseball game that's realistic as well as fun. The title is expected in Spring 1995 on the Sega Genesis 32X and Sega CD for a suggested list price of $54.95 and $49.95 respectively.

"We're really excited to take one of the best baseball series of all time and design it specifically for these new powerful gaming systems," said Mark Beaumont, Senior Vice President Product Development and Marketing, Time Warner Interactive, Games Division. "That means we can now develop a baseball game with far more power, intelligence, and realism. It's an evolution of baseball gaming and whole new experience for the consumer."

A stand-out in a crowded field of baseball sports games, the R.B.I. Baseball series made its debut in 1988 and became one of the best selling baseball video games of all time with just under two million copies sold. "R.B.I. Baseball '95" has the Major League Baseball Players' Association (MLBPA) license which means real players with real statistics. The game furnishes complete rosters, with over 800 players from all 28 big league teams, including the new division structure featuring: East Coast, Central, and West Coast leagues. Play full 162 or 80-game seasons, including playoffs and a world championship series. New features include a phenomenal view of the action from both the batter and catcher's vantage points, realistic animations taken from live video footage, and the sounds of baseball with enhanced audio.

"R.B.I. Baseball '95" is built on a new software engine with improved artificial intelligence; that means more features, better plays and realistic gameplay. The action is twice as fast, with accurate ball flight and trajectories, and true to life simulated player reactions. Improved computer intelligence plays a tougher game which makes for a wily opponent. You never know when the computer might steal bases or try to prevent you from making a steal. Good players can field extremely well, and there are even holes in the outfield defense which adds to the realism.

A good baseball game is in the details. You'll play in 28 highly accurate and proportionately correct major league stadiums. Three different defense positions can be selected by the player: In, Normal, and Out, to better prepare for different batters' styles. The infield fly rule and double switches, not found in most games, are supported. For a better view of the action, there's a whole field panorama to scope out the ball park. "R.B.I. Baseball '95" looks and plays realistically because ball players were filmed and their actions were captured on video and used to generate life-like animations. The sound has been ramped up with live CD quality music, enhanced digitized FM sound-effects, and higher voice sampling rates. This translates into lots more songs, realistic crowd roars, bat cracks, mitt slaps and music, plus booming umpire's calls.

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/CONTACT: Tracy Egan, Public Relations Manager of Time Warner Interactive Games Division, 408-232-3213/


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