Press release: 1995-03-20: Lockheed Martin 3D Graphics Accelerator offers real-time PC visual system performance

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Lockheed Martin 3D Graphics Accelerator offers real-time PC visual system 

Bethesda Maryland, March 20- Lockheed Martin announced today it is 
entering the 3D graphics PC market with a high-performance chip set based 
on real-time computer image generation technology that gives a 
combination of dynamic response and realism previously available only on 
dedicated graphics workstations and high end custom image generators.

The Real3D(tm) brand name will be applied to a series of commercial and 
consumer computer graphics products. The first product, R3D/100, is a 
graphics accelerator that provides high throughput, high realism and 
sustained real-time 3D graphics response. Key performance attributes of 
the chip set include an embedded 100 MFLOPS geometry processor, pixel 
write rates of up to 33 million pixels per second, up to 750k polygons 
per second, line processing up to 1.5 million per second, and provides up 
to 192 color texture maps (128x128 mipmapped) in real-time. This 
performance eliminates the jerky visual movement found in graphics 
products that operate at less-than-real-time rates.

"Real3D(tm) products set a new price performance standard in such areas 
as architectural and computer-aided design, object modeling, gameware 
development, simulation and real-time visualization," said John Lenyo, 
Commercial Visual Systems Business Development Director for Lockheed 
Martin Information Systems Co. "Systems running Real-3D-based boards will 
be able to function as supercharged graphics accelerators that run 3D 
graphics applications in real-time."

The new product is an outgrowth of Lockheed Martin's proprietary computer 
graphics technology previously used in high performance military 
simulation, engineering research and training applications first 
developed for astronaut training and military flight simulators. The 
company has invested more that $200 million in research and development 
in this product area and owns more than 40 related patents in the field.

Lenyo attributes much of the development success of the new commercial 
PC product to experience gained in a highly successful adjacent 
application developed for Sega Enterprises, Ltd - the Model 2 Computer 
Graphics System. Model 2 is the host hardware platform for Sega's latest 
generation of high performance arcade games. First released in February 
1994, Sega has shipped over 33,000 Model 2-based arcade games such as the 
top-selling Daytona USA(tm), Desert Tank(tm), Virtua Cop(tm), Virtua 
Fighter II(tm), and virtual reality theme park ride system, VR-1(tm).

Lockheed Martin's R3D/100 chip set provides faster processing through its 
patented hardware design which incorporates geometry processing, 
rasterization and texture mapping. The R3D/100 embedded floating point 
geometry processor removes significant processing burden from the host 
CPU. The patented texture processor applies color mipmapped texture to 
polygons in true 3D corrected perspective.

Designed as a true polygon processor with texture processing and 
scaleable texture memory from the outset, the R3D/100 chip set includes 
dedicated hardware acceleration of mipmapped texturing that provides 
continuous high fidelity image quality. This chip set simulates 
spotlights, fog and realistic curved surfaces. Additionally, improved 
image quality is provided with multi-pass anti-aliasing.

The R3D/100 chip set directly interfaces with Microsoft 3D/DDI and 
supports all 3D/DDI-compliant APIs, such as OpenGL(tm) and comes with 
device driver software and a device driver kit.

Lockheed Martin is a highly diversified $23 billion advanced technology 
company with core markets in defense, commercial, civil government, 
energy and international markets.

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