Press release: 1995-04-13: Sega Channel launches in Seattle

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Sega Channel launches in Seattle; Interactive Video Game Channel Premieres on TCI.

 SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 13, 1995--Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to talk back to your TV ... beginning April 26, television history will be made locally as TCI Cablevision of Washington Inc. launches the Sega Channel.

The Sega Channel is the first interactive cable service available in the Seattle area, providing video games on demand for the entire family.

"We're a big believer in games for the whole family. It's proven to be one of America's favorite pastimes in the '90s," says Mary White, director of marketing for TCI. "We definitely see the trend for more technologically advanced, interactive television games continuing."

To play, a customer needs basic cable service, a Sega Genesis game unit purchased from a local retailer, and the Sega Channel adapter available through local TCI offices. For novice and pros alike, this will mean Sega Channel Genesis game action, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The monthly price is $14.95, with a one-time activation fee of $25. New game titles will be available every month to ensure constant player challenge and fun.

Players of all ages can choose each month from a huge selection of up to 50 Sega Genesis games that normally would retail for $2,500. These will include popular hits, special versions of soon-to-be-released titles, called "Test Drives"; gameplay tips; news; contests and promotions. Programming will be updated monthly, keeping the Channel exciting and fresh. The Sega Channel Genesis line-up will feature action, adventure, sports, and educational themes. Many of the educational games will be created especially for the Sega Channel.

The Sega Channel also includes a security feature -- a password for parents -- allowing parents to select which video games enter the home according to age appropriateness and Entertainment Software Rating Board videogame rating. Parents initiate the password program with an easy-to-use PIN number system. Once activated, a child cannot download any game outside the parent-selected game rating level.

"This is just the beginning of interactive television technology," according to White. "We're currently testing new innovations that will continue to propel us further down the information highway." Stay tuned for more exciting news from TCI; the company is working with Microsoft on development of several interactive television services.

Sega Channel service will initially be available to TCI customers in the Seattle/Auburn areas.

TeleCommunications Inc. (TCI) and Time-Warner have joined with SEGA of America to launch the Sega Channel initially in select U.S. markets. TCI is the world's largest cable company. It serves 11 million subscribers in 49 states and has operations in nine foreign countries.

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