Press release: 1995-05-08: General Instrument and Catapult sign agreement for multi-player gaming

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 8, 1995-- General Instrument Corporation (NYSE:GIC) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Catapult Entertainment, of Cupertino, Calif., to incorporate true interactive, multi-player gaming capabilities into GI's Sega Channel product line.

GI is demonstrating its current Sega Channel system in its booth at this week's National Cable Television Association show as part of a variety of multimedia venues emphasizing the theme "GI is digital TV." Catapult is the developer and operator of the XBAND gaming network that allows Sega Channel game players to compete against each other over standard telephone lines. Sega Channel currently delivers up to 50 of the hottest video games a month, on demand, 24 hours a day into customers' homes.

By incorporating XBAND functionality into Sega Channel adapters, Sega Channel customers will have the option to play against each other in head-to-head competition, compete in organized tournaments, send electronic mail to each other over the Internet, access statistics and rankings and use numerous other features of the XBAND Video Game Network.

"By building XBAND functionality into our Sega Channel adapters, we believe we are offering cable operators an incredibly exciting new set of features that will significantly enhance the appeal of the service," said John Burke, director of new business development for GI Communications.

Adam Grosser, president of Catapult Entertainment, said, "The GI-Catapult relationship is a win-win situation for Catapult, GI, cable operators and Sega Channel customers. XBAND provides a very compelling experience and we believe that many consumers will adopt this service."

Sega Channel, which began its national roll-out in December 1994, was developed by Sega of America, Tele-Communications, Inc. and Time-Warner Entertainment Company, LP, is the industry's first interactive service, providing video games on demand, 24 hours a day. Sega Channel subscribers can choose from a wide selection of popular Genesis games such as Road Rash III and Earthworm Jim, special versions of soon-to-be released titles, gameplay tips, news, contest and promotions. Sega Channel is priced in the range of most premium subscription services. The programming is updated monthly.

Catapult Entertainment, Inc. was formed to create premier products and services to support networked real-time interactive entertainment. Catapult is a private company based in Cupertino.

General Instrument Corporation is a world leader in developing technology systems and product solutions for the interactive delivery of video, voice and data.

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