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Time Warner Interactive Recreates Sega's Classic Arcade Title, 'V.R. Virtua Racing(TM)'

LOS ANGELES, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Time Warner Interactive, Consumer Games Division (TWi) today announced their plans for releasing "Time Warner Interactive's(TM) V.R. Virtua Racing(TM)" on the Sega Saturn(TM). TWi signed a licensing agreement with Sega of Japan for the rights to produce Sega's hit classic, 'V.R. Virtua Racing(TM),' for the Saturn(TM) system. Staying true to the classic arcade look and feel, but with added features to enhance home play, "Time Warner Interactive's V.R. Virtua Racing" can be seen at the Los Angeles Convention, South Hall, in TWi's Suite #309. The title will be available in Japan in June and in the U.S. for the Saturn's launch on September 2, 1995.

"'Virtua Racing' is an all time classic arcade driving game," stated Mark Beaumont, Senior Vice President Marketing and Product Development at TWi's Consumer Games Division, "and TWi, with its experience in both the arcade and home systems, has the resources to do it right. This is a title with tremendous following and expectations and it was imperative to translate the look and feel just right. Our job was really two-fold: recreate the arcade experience, while adding a whole new dimension to bring a fresh challenge to the race."

"Time Warner Interactive's V.R. Virtua Racing" for the Saturn(TM) has all the classic arcade game features and the elements that players have come to love: 3D polygonal environment, a lightning fast software engine, multiple racing views, and all-out driving fun driving. Building on these elements, the Saturn version is organized into three separate modes: Arcade, Grand Prix, and Practice, for three different kinds of experiences.

Arcade Mode truly brings the details, driving action, and graphics of the original arcade into the home. The Formula cars are back on the Big Forest, Bay Bridge and Acropolis tracks. The music, pit crews, and even the weaving palm trees are all there where you expect them.

Competition is key in Grand Prix Mode. Here you have a total of 5 different racing machines to master for victory over 10 wild tracks and your shot at the World Championship. And that's not all. Your competition has been outfitted with artificial intelligence that offers up human-like personality characteristics from aggressive, to ambitious, to cut-throat. On the track that can translate into blind passing and blocking at break-neck speeds. Tour success will depend on your ability to outsmart and out drive the competition with razor sharp skills.

And that's where Practice Mode comes into play. This is a great place to work on tricky turns and gut-wrenching straight aways. Select your vehicle from a rotating turntable. The stats: vehicle weight, horsepower, top speed, and handling pointers are displayed in a window. Give yourself time on the tracks to test the different handling characteristics of each vehicle as well as the challenges of 7 new tracks.

Time Warner Interactive, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX), is a leading developer and publisher of interactive consumer entertainment products that span across platforms including location-based arcades; dedicated video game systems, personal computers, and interactive TV applications for entertainment and gaming markets.

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/CONTACT: Tracy Egan, Public Relations Manager of Time Warner Interactive Games Division, 408-232-3213/


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