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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 1995--Okay, gaming addicts ... Sega of America is proud to present the definitive top-ten coolest reasons to own a Sega Saturn.

How did we do it, you ask?

Simple. We polled the authorities on cool gaming, Sega employees; and here are the results, straight from the home office in Redwood City.

10) Exclusive games! Why the heck not?!

9) Because Sega knows games

8) How else are you going to get top arcade titles inside your home for less than 10 grand?

7) You don't need the Space Shuttle to get to this Saturn!

6) Featuring exclusive Roswell Alien technology

5) This Saturn doesn't require an oil change every 3,000 miles

4) Because you don't have to wear pants to play

3) Saturn's start button doesn't need Windows 95 to run

2) It gives you that warm, tingly feeling -- without batteries!

1) Because Toshinden's Sofia says so

How about that for the truth? And, because we want to make sure you have all the information you need, following is an additional Top 10 list with some more details about Sega Saturn hipness. Let the games roll on!

The Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Sega Saturn

1) Lots of free games. Not only do purchasers receive Virtua Fighter right in the box with their Sega Saturn, but from Sept. 2 through Sept. 30 they can also receive free copies of Clockwork Knight, Worldwide Soccer and the overnight hit Virtua Fighter Remix.

This is all in addition to the free Panzer Dragoon sampler and That Virtua Feeling music CD Saturn owners receive when they mail in their registration cards.

2) Because Sega knows games. Sega has been in the interactive entertainment industry for 40 years. No one knows games like Sega. Because of Sega's heritage in video games both in and out of the home, Sega has the knowledge and expertise to successfully produce quality platforms and games that the consumers demand.

3) How else are you going to get top arcade titles inside your home for less than 10 grand? The Sega Saturn architecture is driven by the same technology that drives hit Sega arcade games like Virtua Fighter and Virtua Cop. The architecture is key to our ability to bring high-end technology and the expertise it can produce to consumers faster than any other company.

What this means to the consumer is arcade-perfect games in the home without spending rolls of quarters with each play.

4) Exclusive games. Virtua Fighter -- only on Sega Saturn. Virtua Fighter Remix -- only on Sega Saturn. Virtua Fighter 2 -- only on Sega Saturn. Virtua Cop -- only on Sega Saturn. Bug! -- only on Sega Saturn. Daytona -- only on Sega Saturn. Sega Rally -- only on Sega Saturn. World Series Baseball -- only on Sega Saturn. Clockwork Knight -- only on Sega Saturn. Panzer Dragoon -- only on Sega Saturn. Wing Arms -- only on Sega Saturn, and many more to come!

Because of Sega's dedication to in-house development of games, you cannot find these titles on other platforms.

5) Sound. Just like how a horror film isn't scary enough with the sound turned off, and a comedy just isn't funny with the mute button on, video games aren't as involving if the sound isn't good enough. Sega understands how important the element of sound is to a truly immersive gaming experience.

With a dedicated Yamaha processor, Sega Saturn generates stereo CD-ROM-quality surround sound. Players can expect to be enveloped in the gameplay world of their favorite Sega Saturn game.

6) Gameplay experience. Sega Saturn offers the most involving, immersive gameplay of any videogame or PC platform. The hardware- processing capability and the CD-ROM medium, combined with Sega's dedication and talent, mean the development teams can achieve more depth in gameplay that attacks the senses.

For the player, this means more levels, bigger characters, more involving storyline, texture-mapped polygons, more bonus rounds, easter eggs galore, more music, 3D worlds and amazing 3D-modeled graphics, all running at faster frames per second.

Bottom line: it's more fun, and people want to play Sega Saturn games over and over again!

7) Third-party support. Sega now has the support of more than 100 third parties currently producing games for the Sega Saturn, and there are more games in development than for any other platform. Third parties include Crystal Dynamics, Acclaim, Takara, Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, Virgin, Capcom, Interplay, Digital Pictures and Ubisoft, just to name a few!

In fact, this holiday alone, third parties will be releasing a total of 60 games for the Sega Saturn. Third parties also dig the fact that we already have an installed base of 100,000. For them, the Sega Saturn is a wise investment because the system has already begun to prove its worth with consumers.

8) Peripherals make a difference. For example: get into the action on Virtua Cop arcade-style with the Stunner; have an NHL Hockey party with two six-player adapters and 12 friends; with the Arcade Racer, "you can take `em" in Daytona U.S.A.; challenge your friends in Virtua Fighter 2 with the Arcade Stick; save gameplay on your Saturn and bring it over to your friend's house to complete the play with the BackUp RAM Cart; and get ready to feel the flight sim of your life with the Mission Stick on Wing Arms.

Peripherals are cool because they make the games more cool to play.

9) Sega Saturn provides the most realistic sports games. With Daytona, Sega Rally Championship, World Series Baseball, NHL Hockey and Prime Time NFL Football, Sega Saturn offers the most realistic sports games on any platform.

The reason can be explained within 89 seconds. With the increased memory and processing power the Saturn provides, more stats can be tracked, players can be customized, more options are available to tailor the game, more angles to see the plays, the addition of more video sequences for enhanced intros, gameplay advice, real league and player footage and rewarding finishes, and real 3D game playing fields (vs. the old 2D atmosphere) which immerses the player deep into the thrill of the sport.

10) Because Sofia says so. -0-

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