Press release: 1995-09-09: Sega Saturn: Ready, willing and blazing since May '95

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 9, 1995--In fact, Sega is so ready for the competition that the evening Sony launched its PlayStation, Sega brass was at a Bay Area restaurant engaged in a spontaneous food fight (no, really).

But that's another story. Let's talk about Sega Saturn and why we'll succeed in the 32-bit video game business.

o We've been doing this for 40 years. We're here today; we'll be here tomorrow. Video gaming is our primary business. (You won't see Sega TVs, stereos or satellite dishes anytime soon.)

o The most popular arcade games are now and will always be exclusively on Sega Saturn, like "Virtua Fighter," "Virtua Cop," "Sega Rally" and "Daytona USA."

o Our games are more fun, and we've got a track record to prove it. Games have to do more than look good -- they have to play great, too. With Sega Saturn, you get both.

o "Their" top titles will be on "our" system, so why paint yourself into a corner?

o $150 in free games in September, plus "Virtua Fighter" in the box.

o POWER! Three 32-bit processors and five additional specialized chips.

But wait, there's more. Give us a call for slides, video or releases.

CONTACT: Sega of America

Dan Stevens, 415/802-3996 (work);

800/335-6055 (alpha-pager)


Manning, Selvage & Lee

Kelly Fitzsimmons, 213/782-6600, ext. 235
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