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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 18, 1995--Sega PC, Sega of America's new brand dedicated to bringing hit Sega arcade and home system titles to the PC, is launching four Sega games for the PC in time for Thanksgiving.

A full slate of releases is scheduled for 1996, including "Sonic CD." Sega PC CD-ROM games are compatible with Pentium-based PCs running Windows 95.

A breakthrough for PC Windows everywhere, Sega games are enhanced for the PC with such features as faster frame rates, added colors, higher resolution graphics, more difficulty levels and added control options, including live help screen guidance while in play mode, and compatibility with standard PC peripherals.

In addition, the first time a Sega PC game is loaded, your PC will set up a Sega Arcade folder creating an instant library of "point and click" game choices.

The current Sega Genesis hit "Comix Zone" and the all-time breakthrough Sega game "Ecco The Dolphin" as well as the Sega CD title "Tomcat Alley" will be Sega's first CD-ROM titles to sell at retail under the Sega PC brand at a suggested retail price of $39.95.

Sega's arcade hit, "Virtua Fighter Remix," will also be included with Diamond Multimedia's Edge 3D accelerator card scheduled to start shipping in October.

"As the leading interactive entertainment content provider, Sega has always stood for great gaming experiences," said William White, vice president, new business development, Sega of America.

"Because of innovations from companies like Intel, NVIDIA and Diamond Multimedia, we now feel the PC is ready for the speed, graphics and immersive gameplay experience that Sega gamers have come to expect, and that PC gamers will come to love as well."

The release of the three Genesis 16-bit titles marks Sega's third significant PC announcement this year. In May, Sega announced that legendary videogame phenom "Sonic CD" would make his PC debut on new Pentium-based PCs which conform to Intel Corp.'s Native Signal Processing design specification.

Through Intel, the PC version of "Sonic CD" is being offered as a software bundle with all NSP-capable Pentium processor-based PCs and will be available in early 1996.

In July, Sega announced a licensing agreement with NVIDIA, makers of PC multimedia accelerator chips. NVIDIA's single-chip NV1 Multimedia Accelerator provides PCs with the comprehensive multimedia capabilities necessary to deliver high-end Sega Saturn and arcade-quality gaming experiences to PC owners.

The added multimedia capabilities include real-time photorealistic 3-D graphics, video-based special effects, full-motion video acceleration and concurrent high-fidelity audio.

In October, Sega partner Diamond Multimedia is scheduled to ship Diamond's Edge 3D multimedia accelerator, which will allow PC gamers to enjoy advanced 3D games, including the hit arcade and Sega Saturn fighting classic, "Virtua Fighter Remix." "Virtua Fighter Remix" will be packed in with the Edge 3D along with other leading 3D software. The Edge 3D multimedia accelerator is based on NVIDIA's NV1 chip.

Next year, Sega will bring additional Sega home and arcade hits to the PC consumer, including the Sega Saturn hit launch title, "Panzer Dragoon."

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