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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 16, 1995--In August, a new videogame for the recently launched Sega Saturn system quietly made its way onto retail shelves.

Propelled by the positive reviews from videogame aficionados, an uncanny ability to sum up life with one-liners, and a trademark tail wag that sends the gals swooning, Hollywood-inspired "BUG!" has scaled its way to the number two spot in the Sega Saturn videogame box office!

"BUG!," Sega's multi-dimensional, 3-D platform game, has not only taken videogame enthusiasts, but Sega, by storm. In just one month, "BUG!" sneaked up on Sega Saturn hit "Panzer Dragoon" to take second place right behind the arcade smash hit "Daytona U.S.A."

To date, more than 150,000 copies of "BUG!" have been ordered; Sega has even begun a second pressing of the "BUG!" videogame CD to keep up with consumer demand. And in Europe, "BUG!" was the number one CD game for all platforms (including PC) for two straight weeks.

"We knew we had a good thing in Bug from the start, despite his rep for being, well, challenging, to working with," said Sarah Mason Richmond, product manager for Sega Saturn.

"What we didn't expect was how quickly he -- a virtual unknown to the videogame business -- would become a star, despite his undeniable penchant for self-promotion. I even hear rumors that he's got a fan club that's fueling the underground buzz among videogame enthusiasts and on the Internet!"

With a new "star" in hand, Sega plans to ramp up marketing efforts on behalf of Bug including signing a big-time agent (to be named) and his own personal publicist. An inside source at Sega revealed that Bug is in the process of sending his head shots and bio to the "A-List" of Hollywood producers.

In addition, a college-directed poster campaign and national bar post card promotion will run through the holidays in an effort to further build "BUG!" recognition among underground and alternative audiences.

Bug is so big he's getting his own "Dressing Room" on Sega's Web page ( This special site will feature rare footage of Bug in action as well as "BUG!" sound bites and photography. These exclusive items are expected to become collectors' items as Bug rises to Hollywood fame.

"The appeal of `BUG!' is largely due to the uniqueness and depth of the game and the brazen, Looney Tunes-styled humor of our leading man (Bug)," added Richmond. "`BUG!' certainly has the potential to be a defining game -- and character -- for Sega Saturn as our installed base reaches the mass consumer this holiday season."

"BUG!" is rated K-A for all audiences and is now available exclusively for Sega Saturn for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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