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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 16, 1995--Sega of America Monday announced it is in negotiations with Nelvana Limited, an award-winning entertainment production company, for animated television rights based on the Sega Saturn videogame extraordinaire, "BUG!"'

The discussions were prompted by "BUG!'s" popularity -- as both a game and a character -- among U.S. consumers.

"BUG!," the videogame for Sega Saturn, has enjoyed phenomenal success since its launch in August and has already claimed the number two spot in Sega Saturn software sales. Since his digital debut, Bug the character has become a hot property, which quickly prompted discussions about a television series.

"Since `BUG!' was launched, the character has been pursued by some of the hottest agencies, studios and producers around," said Sarah Mason Richmond, product manager for "BUG!" and Sega Saturn. "We've carefully sorted through the offers on his behalf and have chosen to go with Nelvana on this animated series since it offered the best visibility for him. He's even turned down a cameo role in an upcoming PC game because it conflicted with this new series."

According to Bug's publicist, Sega has been working closely with Nelvana, a leading producer known nationwide for its popular animated television series including Babar, Rupert, and The Adventures of Tintin, to create a script and salary package suitable for Sega's newest cyber-celeb.

"I won't do a second-class gig," said Bug. "Been there. Done that. We're working on a series that will rival that underachieving wuss Bart Simpson, put `Bugs Bunny' to shame and will truly showcase my God-given talents on the tube."

The series will be loosely based on "BUG!" the game in which Bug, our fearless hero, must save his on-screen family from the evil clutches of the spider-from-hell, Queen Cadavra. To do so, Bug must brave the warped insect world that Queen Cadavra has created, taking on arthropodic tough guys such as Dung Beetles, Bee-52s, and insect-eating bull frogs. Fired-up with courage and chutzpa, our cheeky champion embarks on a mission to save the day.

"BUG!" is rated K-A for kids through adults and is currently available only on Sega Saturn for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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