Press release: 1995-11-28: Saturn Express Exports N-World Data to Sega Saturn

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November 28, 1995

LONDON, ENGLAND-Nichimen Graphics announced today at the Computer Graphics Expo the release of its Saturn Express, a module for exporting game content from the N-World suite of interactive game development tools to the Sega Saturn.

Saturn Express supports conversion of vertex, polygon, and attribute data, Gouraud shading tables, and texture map information. The number and size of texture maps that can be sent is limited only by the texture map memory available on the Sega Saturn. Objects can be previewed on both the SGI and the Sega (using the CartDev) simultaneously; as you update the camera angle in N-Geometry (our polygonal modeler) the camera angle is updated on the Saturn so you can see exactly how an object will look from any angle. Using the built-in "Segafy" function, data can be exported in either SGL or SGA3 file formats.

"A tool like the Saturn Express demonstrates our continued commitment to providing the best tools on the market to game developers," said Koichi Kobayashi, President of Nichimen Graphics. "Shortening the time it takes for developers to get their work to 3D platforms is what Nichimen Graphics is all about. N-World makes it simple to create your objects one time, then send them to multiple 3D platforms."

N-World is Nichimen Graphics' complete suite of SGI-based game development software. It includes N-Geometry (3D polygon-based modeler), N-Dynamics (animation choreographer and skeletal animation system), the Action Editor (converts animation data into formats for other 3D game systems), N-Render (photorealistic renderer), and N-Paint (2D with full scripting capabilities). N-World is completely extensible in C or LISP and available as an integrated suite or individual modules.

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