Press release: 1996-03-30: Nichimen Announces N-Paint 3D, Ideal Tool for Developers Sending Textured Models to Game Consoles

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March 30, 1996

LOS ANGELES-Nichimen Graphics today announced the release of N-Paint 3D, a tool created specifically to send texture-mapped models to 3D game consoles. N-Paint 3D lets the artist paint directly onto the 3D surface of a model, or unfold an applied texture map and use the geometry of the object as an overlay to guide his or her paint operations.

"N-Paint 3D can do what no other paint package can do," said Mark Schafer, Director of R&D;, Advanced Technologies Group for industry leader Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. "Other paint programs have huge limitations, and Nichimen has definitely approached the problem in a superior way."

Any of the tools in N-Paint's huge toolbox can be used to paint on models, including N-Paint's built-in 2D scripting capabilities, making it ideal for complex or repetitive projects. When used in conjunction with Nichimen export tools such as the Saturn Express (for the Sega Saturn) or the Action Editor (for the Sony PlayStation), exporting data directly to the console becomes a quick, no-hassle process.

"Other 3D paint programs? There aren't any that even compare," said Darnell Williams of Elektra Press, an L.A. based animation company. "N-Paint 3D is fully integrated with N-Geometry and the rest of N·World."

N·World is Nichimen Graphics' complete suite of SGI-based game development software. N·World products include N-Geometry (3D polygon-based modeler), N-Paint (2D with full scripting capabilities), N-Dynamics (animation, motion capture editing, and skeletal animation), N-Render (photorealistic renderer), Saturn Express (convert and send data to the Sega Saturn), and the Action Editor (convert and send data to the Sony PlayStation) N·World is completely exten sible and is available as an integrated suite or as individual modules.

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