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    LOS ANGELES, May 16, 1996 -- Sweating the details during off-season pays off as Sega Sports unveils an all-star lineup of seven all-new sports videogames for the '96 season. Sega Sports gives the player, whether a sports enthusiast or professional athlete, the authentic and realistic gameplay that places them in the heat of the action on both Sega Saturn and Sega Genesis .

    This year s line up of eagerly awaited second-generation software expands upon the powerhouse franchises of "World Series Baseball ," "NFL Football ," "NBA Action ," "Worldwide Soccer " and "Daytona USA " with blockbuster sequels as well as key new titles, such as "Manx TT ."

    "The Sega Sports advantage is that we are playing on our home field," said John Gillin, director of marketing, Sega Sports. "Unlike some of our competition, we develop our games to play exclusively on Sega s ultimate sports machines, the Sega Saturn and Sega Genesis. We can maximize the re-play value, use the full power of the hardware and develop a game that delivers the experience sports enthusiasts desire. This is the key to our success of offering top-selling games year after year."

    Added to the unparalled gameplay, this season s line-up includes all-new player and team rosters. Each year, Sega Sports gets full league and player licensing, and works closely with top sports organizations to ensure the unrivaled action and gameplay that can only be found when real teams and players are pitted against each other. In Sega Sports videogames, players aren t just represented with a jersey number and team name, but are rated and designed to play to their actual ability. With this much attention to detail, you ll wonder whether or not it s live footage -- the true test of a sports game.

    World Series Baseball II -- On Sega Saturn

    World Series Baseball '96 -- On Genesis -- A Sega Sports Homerun!

    Voted "Best Sports Game of the Year" by Game Players Magazine, Sega Sports "World Series Baseball" is back for another season of unrivaled baseball action. It s hard to improve upon perfection, but like any great player, Sega Sports is back on the field to deliver an all- new baseball season with all 28 teams and stadiums. League-leading graphics and gameplay bat "a thousand" every time gamers gear up and grab their game pads. This game is the MVP of baseball sims with unprecedented graphics, gameplay, multiple game modes and down-to-the-decimal stat tracking. Sega Sports famous "Batter s Box View" is back, and this year's Home Run Derby mode has the crowds roaring for more than peanuts. This game is so realistic, gamers can draft players and expansion teams, and players can even get injured during a game and possibly be out the entire season. And, exclusively on Sega Saturn, gamers can choose five new batting views including the "ball chase cam." Also on Sega Saturn, the play-by-play commentary keeps gamers in check during every inning! Hey batter, batter, batter -- SWING -- into "World Series Baseball II" on Sega Saturn and "World Series Baseball '96" on Sega Genesis, both have a suggested retail price of $59.99, are rated KA and will be available this Summer!

    Worldwide Soccer II -- Goooooooooooooooal! -- On Sega Saturn

    Get your kicks with double the intensity of the original Sega Sports winner -- exclusively on Sega Saturn. This game has increased speed, new animation, 48 world-class teams and unrivaled gameplay. The replay and save features give you bragging rights to show friends your killer plays -- over and over again! This game is graphically beautiful. Each polygon- based player is large and moves fluidly with dynamic character control. Each player along with the player s capabilities can be created. TV-realistic camera perspectives let gamers savor the gameplay as it unfolds. This title delivers soccer perfection to Sega Saturn. And, the 6-Player Adapter lets you eat grass with all of your friends! Not yet rated, no goalie will be able to keep "Worldwide Soccer II" from scoring on Sega Saturn this Fall for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

    Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition On Sega Saturn -- Gentleman, Start Your Saturns!

    At 210 mph who s gonna catch you? Remember Daytona, the arcade classic? Well this new Championship Circuit Edition, exclusively for Sega Saturn, straps you in for a 3D car racing experience that will dry your eyeballs just like the arcade version. With CD-quality sound, brand new tracks that twist and turn, four hair-raising viewpoints and collisions so realistic, you ll wish you were wearing a helmet! You can share the rush with a friend and race against an opponent with the brand new two-player option. Not yet rated, "Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition" speeds into stores this Fall for a suggested retail price of $49.99

    NBA Action -- You'll love this stuff! -- On Sega Saturn

    Sega Sports is in the "zone" with this all-new NBA title debuting on Sega Saturn --with gameplay and three different camera views that only Sega Saturn can deliver! Pull up for the jumper from the "ball cam," "player view" or "above view" perspective, and check out the ultra-smooth texture mapping that makes every alley-oop, behind-the-back and no-look-pass sweeter than ever before. Monster surround-sound brings all 29 NBA teams and players to life for the full-court press. Run it up and down the court in all of the real team arenas. You can create players, trade players, track user records and call the offensive and defensive play. And just when you thought it couldn t get any better, Marv Albert is there to commentate whether you make the game-winning play or toss up the brick! The 6-Player Adapter allows a full roster of 10 teammates to get inside the Sega Sports NBA action! Rated KA, "NBA Action" on Sega Saturn is available this June at retail price of $59.99

    NFL '97 -- "The Only Game With Red Zone Efficiency" -- On Sega Saturn

    Sega Sports only needed one score to win the football videogame Super Bowl -- Sega Saturn! Driven by an ultra-advanced game engine that only Sega Saturn can accommodate, "NFL '97" delivers Sega Sports football debut on Sega Saturn with stunning, down-to-the- hash-mark animation. All 30 NFL teams and players, stat tracking in all categories, multiple play perspectives and pass speed control put the pig skin in your hand! Over 300 offensive and defensive plays and unparalleled sports graphics make this game truly beautiful to watch and incredible to play. Take to the field for real playing action with the 6-Player Multi- Player Adaptor. Not yet rated, "NFL 97" is in the pocket this Fall for a retail suggested price of $59.99.

    Manx TT -- Internationally-Acclaimed Manx Challenge Driven To Sega Saturn

    Outrageous speeds, roaring engines, and screeching tires -- need we say more? But there is much more to this awesome display of circuit championship motorcycle racing that is peeling out of the arcade and straight into the homes of Sega Saturn owners! The most authentic cycle simulation unleashes Sega Saturn s full potential across some of the most grueling TT (Tourist Trophy) and Seaside Course tracks taken straight from Britain s prestigious "Isle of Man" motorcycle race blueprints. Choose automatic or 6-speed manual transmission that thrust you into extreme terrain and altitudes. Not yet rated, "Manx TT" speeds into Sega Saturn this Fall for a suggested retail price of $49.99.