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    -- 'Fab-Four' Line Up Includes Virtua Cop 2, Fighting Vipers, Manx TT, Virtual On --
    LOS ANGELES, May 16, 1996 -- Sega of America today announced its next round of exclusive arcade hits for Sega Saturn. The addition of Sega's 1996 "Fab Four" games -- "Virtua Cop 2," "Fighting Vipers", "Manx TT" and "Virtual On" -- bring Sega Saturn's arcade library to ten titles, making it the largest, and most talked about arcade line-up in the industry.

    With proven arcade hits migrating to Sega Saturn without compromise, Sega's clear ownership of the arcade-to-home market gives it a tremendous competitive advantage. No other company can compete with Sega's arcade heritage of more than 40 years. Furthermore, because these titles are exclusive to Sega, the true arcade gaming experience is only available on Sega Saturn.

    "Sega Saturn is armed with hardware superiority, development potential, and the software development teams required to bring mirror images of arcade hits to the home," said Tom Kalinske, president and CEO, Sega of America. "Our strategy is to optimize our technological advances and development expertise to bring the best of its arcade hits to Sega Saturn as fast as possible to meet consumer demand."

    This "Fab Four" arcade line-up joins Sega Saturn's extensive library of arcade-translated mega-hits including "Virtua Fighter", "Virtua Fighter 2," "Virtua Cop," "Daytona USA" and "Sega Rally Championship."

    Currently, "Virtua Cop 2" and "Fighting Vipers" are among the top five games in arcades; other Sega Saturn hits, including "Virtua Fighter 2" and "Virtua Cop" still rank among the top ten titles in arcades today. The Sega Saturn 1996 "Fab Four" arcade line-up includes the following titles:

    Virtua Cop 2 -- Non-Stop, 3-D Rapid-Fire Action Straight from Arcades to Saturn!

    In this sequel to "Virtua Cop," GamePro Magazines' "Shooter of the Year," the action gets faster, the bad guys get badder, and the smooth gameplay gets smoother. The bad guys are back -- they're mad -- and there are twice as many of them. New features, including a new cop on the beat, Janet Marshall, revolutionary moving environments such as high-speed car chases and a subway scene, and first-person motion perspectives put the gamer in the heat of the action. Strategic thinking is required -- slow a moving vehicle by shooting its tires flat, and fire at a road sign to determine which road to take. Never before has a "shooter" taken on such dramatic realism. The popular Sega Saturn "Stunner" peripheral further complements the realism with arcade-perfect firearm capabilities. Not yet rated, "Virtua Cop 2" is right on target this Winter for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

    Fighting Vipers -- Step into the fighting cage and take a crack at it!

    Incredible animation, street fighting action and spectacular special effects are just the beginning, as "Fighting Vipers" comes straight from the arcades to Sega Saturn. Choose from seven characters, each with an arsenal of fighting techniques. Sega Saturn's processing power allows animated backgrounds to run independently of the foreground action; graphics such as flying airplanes, shadows and moving vehicles, bring incredible depth to the game. An action-packed storyline puts gamers in an enclosed ring to contend in a huge tournament called NUTCRACK. The object of NUTCRACK is to smash through your enemy's armor, and every blow weakens your opponent a little bit until the armor explodes! A special "triple take" camera shot replays finishing moves three times -- and at different angles. Enhancing the arcade experience is Sega Saturn's exclusive "Virtua Stick" peripheral. Not yet rated, "Fighting Vipers" slams on retail shelves this Winter for a suggested price of $59.99.

    Manx TT -- Internationally-Acclaimed Manx Challenge Drives Straight to Saturn

    Featuring all the speed and graphics of its arcade sibling, "Manx TT" brings new racing dimensions to in-home gaming, excusively on Sega Saturn. A mirror-image of its arcade counterpart, "Manx TT" on Sega Saturn is the most authentic cycle simulation available. Boasting one of the fastest frame rates available on a next-generation system, 60 frames per second, racing enthusiasts can reach speeds up to 125 MPH, without losing the rich graphics. Unleashing Sega Saturn's full potential are some of the most grueling tracks -- including the TT (Tourist Trophy) and Seaside course -- all of which are created from actual Manx course blueprints from Britain's prestigious "Isle of Mann" race. With a powerful combination of realtime 3D graphics, texture mapping, multiple perspectives and unprecedented speed, "Manx TT" is the racing game to catch! Attach Sega Saturn's "Arcade Racer" peripheral for added realism. Rated KA, "Manx TT" speeds into Sega Saturn this Fall for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

    Virtual On -- Mech Meets Tech on Sega Saturn

    A unique combination of mech-style shooting, cyber-racing, and hand-to-hand fighting, "Virtual On" pits gamer and machine against cyborgs in this post-modern fighting game. Gamers can run, walk or fly -- and can choose between weapons or hand-to-hand combat; several different mech-style combat vehicles, each with different weapons and fighting styles mean challenges on all levels. Featuring high resolution and polygon intense graphics, the "Virtual On" characters rich in detail and attack each other with precise arcade-perfect movements. Fueled by Sega Saturn's mega-processing power, this "next generation" mechanical fighting adventure also features free-motion 360 gameplay, real- time 3D environments and expansive playing fields. Not yet rated, "Virtual On" will be available only on Sega Saturn this Summer for a suggested price of $49.99.