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 MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 23, 1996--LaserSoft announced today that Sega Entertainment has contracted the company to market an interactive preview CD-ROM of Virtua Fighter PC -- Sega's newest PC game -- that lets users play a limited version featuring all the excitement of the full-version. The interactive preview will begin shipping the last week of September.

Based on the all-time arcade hit Virtua Fighter, this version features two favorite arcade characters, Pai Chan and Jacki, each with over 30 unique moves. Also featured are: single- or two-player modes; arcade, battle, tournament or team fighting; unique menus that offer optimized textures, polygons and backgrounds for peak performance.

According to Greg Suarez, Sega business unit director, "Game trial is becoming an increasingly important tool in the PC business. We are excited to get the Virtua Fighter PC interactive preview into the hands of PC gamers, and LaserSoft represents the best turnkey opportunity to do this."

LaserSoft President and CEO Scott Addyman noted, "We are pleased to add Sega Entertainment to our growing list of publishers who have recognized the marketing value that interactive previews provide. By giving consumers a very inexpensive way to fully experience the software, the publisher broadens the market for each title. In addition, the interactive preview gives the consumer an engaging, positive, experience which stimulates demand for system upgrades, such as memory and processor, along with larger monitors, joysticks, and sound products as well as full-version software."

Sega joins a growing list of publishers for which LaserSoft has marketed interactive previews, including Activision, Apogee, Bethesda Soft Works, Electronic Arts, Epic MegaGames, Interplay, I-Motion, Legend Entertainment, Microsoft, SirTech, Ubi Soft, Microsoft, Viacom New Media, and Virgin Interactive.

LaserSoft is a privately held publisher of value-priced software to mass merchandisers such as Target, WalMart and Bradlee's, as well as specialty retailers such as Software Etc., Radio Shack, Electronics Boutique, Computer City, Best Buy, Media Play and CompUSA. Based in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minn., the company has experienced exceptional revenue growth since its establishment in 1992.

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