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-- New Prices and New Line-up will Delight Retailers and Shoppers This Holiday Season --

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., October 8, 1996 -- Sega of America announced today it has brought its retail pricing of all new Sega Saturn games to five price points between $19.99 - $59.99, and eliminated the $69.99 price point for all new titles. In addition Sega has increased retailer margins by up to 4 percent on software between $29.99, $39.99, and $49.99, the most prevalent price points for new Sega Saturn software.

In line with the new pricing pattern, Sega reduced prices of more than 20 Sega Saturn exclusive arcade and character-based titles released earlier this year including: "Panzer Dragoon II," "World Series Baseball," "BUG!," "Clockwork Knight 2," "Wing Arms," "Legend of Oasis," "NBA Action," "WorldWide Soccer," and "Toshinden Remix."

"Sega Saturn now offers consumers the most diverse and affordable next-generation library of games in the industry," Ted Hoff, executive vice president, Sega of America, said. "This value combined with the upcoming exclusive arcade hits, best-selling character-based games, and internet access with Net Link makes Sega Saturn the best system of choice for consumers."

These price reductions are one part of Sega’s integrated marketing strategy for the fall season. In addition Sega will have a full line-up of highly-anticipated Sega Saturn games for every type of videogamer. Sega Saturn’s fall line-up includes the eagerly anticipated "Sonic 3D Blast," Sonic the Hedgehog’s first 3D appearance on the Sega Saturn; "Sega Saturn Net Link," an add-on for the Sega Saturn that allows access to the internet for e-mail, on-line chats, and browsing; and "NFL ‘97," Sega Sports’ first football game for the Sega Saturn.

Also hitting the shelves this fall are "Fighting Vipers," "Virtual On" and "Virtua Cop 2" which have been best-selling arcade games in the U.S., as well as "Bug Too!," the sequel to last year’s platform favorite, "Bug!". Gamers can also look forward to the original "mr. Bones," a musically interactive title with unprecedented animation, just in time for Halloween.

Sega kicked-off its stellar holiday line-up with "NiGHTS," which is delighting retailers and consumers alike. With a record-setting pace, "NiGHTS" has proven to be the game of choice for Sega Saturn owners this fall. Three of the nation’s top videogame retailers, Electronics Boutique, Babbages, and Software Etc., have reported complete sell-outs of "NiGHTS" and are re-stocking the shelves with re-orders. Proving that "NiGHTS" has set a new standard in software quality, Sega has received re-orders on "NiGHTS" from 100 percent of its retailers nationwide. "With killer-app titles such as "NiGHTS," exclusive arcade games, and an affordable library of existing software, Sega has made strategic moves to capture the heart of gamers everywhere," Hoff continued.

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