Press release: 1996-11-12: Sega Saturn's "Virtual On" delivers arcade-powered combat in post-modern gaming warfare

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 12, 1996--

Experience blood, sweat and tears at the hands of no-mercy robots now taking over Sega Saturn consoles nationwide

Sega of America today offers gamers a chance to make their mark in world history as "protectors of the moon" with the release of "Virtual On," for the Sega Saturn.

"Virtual On," a post-modern mechanized-combat game, features tech-style robots that run, fly, hide, shoot heavy ammo and fight "mono-a-mono" with complete 360-degree movement up to 10 expansive arenas.

Currently ranked in the top 10 deluxe arcade games nationwide, "Virtual On" is now available exclusively on the Sega Saturn.

"Virtual On" is Sega's third fighting-action arcade hit this holiday season and follows the highly successful release of "Virtua Fighter Kids" and "Fighting Vipers." The new Sega Saturn release features the arcade version's two-screen mode for head-to-head gameplay as a "split-screen" option for either vertical and horizontal perspectives.

"`Virtual On' is a prime example of the kind of bold and creative gaming the Sega Saturn offers in fast-paced, 3-D environments," Anne Moellering, marketing manager, Sega of America, said. "Characteristic of Sega's AM3 developed software, `Virtual On' provides special gaming features to mimic Sega's incredible arcade experience in the home."

Sega Saturn's multiple processors deliver a rare combination of tech-style shooting and hand-to-hand combat in a mechanical fighting adventure. "Virtual On" is an unusual combination of a "mission" type high-tech storyline with eight mechanized fighters each possessing intricate combat skills. This non-traditional game includes one-on-one, arena-based combat and expansive battle fields requiring the use of long- and short-range weapons.

"Virtual On" delivers aggressive combative arcade fighting featuring intense high-resolution graphics, free-motion, 360-degree gameplay, real-time 3-D environments and expansive playing fields. Gamers can take on the role of highly advanced warfare machines as they run, walk or fly in their battle against the enemy machines.

Virtual On -- Prepare for Super-Human Action

"Virtual On" takes place during the post-modern world era where governments are privatized and multinational conglomerates have carved the world into enterprise zones. Businesses have networked their presence into every sector of public and private life and society is ruled by a delicate balance of power.

"Virtual On" centers around a high security Research & Development program based on the moon for the creation of combat droids. These droids possess battleground precision and attack capabilities far beyond any seen in the post-modern world. A select group of moon-based R & D technicians has decided to take complete control of the moon and is using the tactically superior tech-warriors as their defense force.

In an attempt to overthrow the moon-based droids, "Operation Moongate" has been initiated to destroy the droids before chaos reaches the earth. The battle for control over the moon has begun. The earth-based combat machines must destroy the complex defense-force machines that are claiming the moon as their territory.

The Military Support Division on earth has opened a Test-and-Training program to recruit talented virtual pilots and cultivate maximum combat skills in the shortest possible time. Gamers must pass the test and prove themselves in this "simulation warfare" against increasingly powerful test droids before qualifying for real combat against the moon-based combat droids.

Preparing for Battle -- The Simulation Stages

Gamers who make it through these stages will be deemed "ready for battle:"

-- The Flooded City stage offers few obstacles to hide behind and requires high-speed maneuvers and flying attacks;

-- The Airport stage offers strategically placed buildings which serve as cover and firing bases for gamers and their enemy;

-- The Water Front stage is set in the city of dusk and is a game of chase. Gamers should employ strategic movement to avoid enemy attack;

-- In the Green Hills stage, there is plenty of room to roam but no place to hide. Pine trees often fail to offer effective cover against homing missiles or napalm;

-- The Ruins stage utilizes virtual warfare with a touch of history where gamers can re-enact great battles from the past in the ancient amphitheater.

REAL WAR -- Dangerously Death-Defying Battle

The true levels for gamers who think they are ready for battle:

-- Space Dock: Gamers will need to maneuver guns and live bombs in order to survive and defeat the enemy. Gamers should keep an eye out for impenetrable entrenchments;

-- Moon Base: Gamers should take advantage of barriers erected along the perimeter of the base to dodge the enemy's relentless assault and return fire strategically;

-- Death Trap: Gamers must engage all skills to succeed in this highly explosive battleground. It is wise to take advantage of cover whenever possible and concentrate on wearing the enemy down. Players will also be treated to hidden stages if they make it to Death Trap.

Enhancing the arcade experience is Sega Saturn's exclusive "Virtual On Twin Stick" peripheral, which is available only through Sega direct sales at 888/SEGA-SALES. Rated K-A, "Virtual On" hits retail shelves for a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information on "Virtual On," check the Sega Web site at

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