Press release: 1996-12-24: Electronic Arts' ORIGIN Systems ships Crusader: No Remorse for PlayStation and Sega Saturn

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AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 24, 1996--ORIGIN Systems(R), an Electronic Arts(R) (NASDAQ:ERTS) company and the developer of world famous entertainment software, announced that it has shipped Crusader: No Remorse(TM) for the PlayStation(TM) and Sega Saturn(TM).

"Crusader: No Remorse is a property that's perfectly suited for console games," said Alex Carloss, ORIGIN's vice president of marketing. "It's fast and furious action, but it also has the incredible level of detail that made it the three-time PC 'Action Game of the Year' in 1996."

The PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions of Crusader: No Remorse feature all the explosive action of the smash-hit PC title. Improvements in gameplay, including smooth scrolling terrain and transparent walls, enhance the nonstop action. Stunning graphics pit you against fully rendered 3-D opponents, and a vast array of weaponry assists you in demolishing your foes.

For example, the new JL-2 Purifier mass driver liquefies your opponent into a heap of flesh. Visible damage results from every round fired-if you can see it, you can shoot it! Other improvements from the PC version include several new gruesome deaths, advanced fighting tactics and streamlined mission updates from the Rebel Base.

In Crusader: No Remorse, it's A.D. 2196, and under the oppressive rule of the World Economic Consortium, free speech and action are ruthlessly suppressed by an elite military regime-the Silencer Corps. You've been a member of these elite soldiers all your life, but your role as a defender of the Consortium has begun to torment you; the screams of your victims ring out in your every thought.

Finally, in an effort to exorcise your dark deeds from your conscience and right the wrongs you once fought for, you become a fighter for the Resistance. You must establish trust in an underground society, and the only way to earn the respect of these hardened rebel soldiers is to prove you can handle every situation they throw at you.

Crusader: No Remorse is a totally non-stop, mission-based action game, where you must win the loyalty of your rebel comrades by succeeding at a series of increasingly difficult combat and sabotage missions against the Consortium. Along the way you must also uncover a spy in your midst before the Resistance is fatally compromised.

There are more than a dozen multilevel missions with multiple objectives, which offer a variety of ways to solve any particular situation or puzzle. There's nothing to slow you down as you race from one pulse-pounding mission to the next.

Additional information can be found at the innovative Web site for Crusader: No Remorse. The site features animated characters, profiles of the team members, music files and screen shots. The ORIGIN Web site is located at .

ORIGIN Systems develops and publishes state-of-the-art entertainment software. To date, the company has released more than 50 titles, including the award-winning Ultima(R), Wing Commander(R) and Crusader series of games. The company also develops titles under the Jane's(R) Combat Simulations brand. ORIGIN is based in Austin, with additional offices in Hunt Valley, Md., and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts. -0-

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