Press release: 1997-01-08: Sega expands Net Link feature set with Viewcall's On-TV premium service

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-- On-TV Brings Best of the Web to One Location on Sega Saturn Net Link --

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., January 8, 1997 -- Will it be snowing in New York when my plane lands? Which channel airs Monday Night Football in Los Angeles? Who is performing on "The Letterman Show" tonight? The answers are now one click away on Sega Saturn™ Net Link.

Sega of America today launched a new premium on-line channel for Sega Saturn Net Link that combines up-to-the minute, localized information on news, weather, sports, TV programming, entertainment and many other consumer-interest topics all in one location. Called On-TV from ViewCall America, this personal Internet TV channel is optimized for television display, featuring smooth, flicker-free graphics and content updated 24 hours a day covering nine information and entertainment categories.

The On-TV service will be available starting January 27 on Sega Saturn Net Link. Users will receive one month of access free; the subsequent annual charge will be $39.95 for unlimited use, with special discounts for initial subscribers.

"Sega Saturn Net Link is more than just a Web browser. It was designed to be extensible so we could continually offer new on-line services and experiences to many different categories of users," said Kerry Bradford, Sega Online general manager, Sega of America. "Our newest addition, ViewCall's On-TV service, is like having access to multiple TV channels on one station. It will be a tremendous value to Net Link users as an all-in-one reference for the information most sought after on the Internet."

The Sega Saturn Net Link is a 28.8 Kbps modem that turns the Sega Saturn video game console into a TV-based Internet access device. It combines two consumer products in one -- an advanced 32-bit CD-based videogame system with more than 200 games available, and a modem providing full Internet functionality for e-mail and Web surfing for a suggested retail price of $199.99.

ViewCall America's On-TV Internet service provides fast and easy access to the information and activities consumers desire most on the Internet in categories including news, sports, entertainment, health, weather, business, kids, travel and columns. Content is customized for Net Link users based on specific area codes, offering accurate local TV program listings, weather reports and news information.

ViewCall has a staff of editors who receive, reformat and post information from news sources across the country, such as Reuters New Media, Sports Ticker, USA Today, TVData and American Express Travel Related Services, in the On-TV service 24 hours a day. Users will find On-TV in the "What's New" area of the 3D Net Link city home page.

"We're focused on adding real value to the Internet services our partners are providing," said Alan McKeon, president and CEO, ViewCall America. "Any experienced Internet surfer would spend hours trying to find all the information on the Web that we're offering in one location with "'On-TV.'"

ViewCall America ( is committed to expanding and enhancing the television experience by using the Internet to bring consumers a wide variety of entertainment and services delivered through On-TV. On-TV comes bundled with Internet-TVs, Internet set top boxes, Network Computers and Internet appliances, and works with various Internet TV browsers, thus reflecting the company's "open platform" philosophy which offers choice to content partners, hardware partners and ultimately, to consumers.

Sega of America is the arm of Tokyo, Japan-based Sega Enterprises Ltd. responsible for the development, marketing and distribution of Sega videogame systems and videogames in the Americas. Sega Enterprises Ltd. is a nearly $3.6 billion company recognized as the industry leader in interactive digital entertainment media, and is the only company that offers interactive entertainment experiences both inside and outside the home. Sega of America's World Wide Web site is located at ( # # #