Press release: 1997-06-03: Sega PC Hatches Bug Too! - Get Ready With The Fly Spray

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3rd June, 1997

Bug, Sega's cool green insect hero, returns to the Pentium desktop in June with an all-new 3D platform adventure. At £29.99, Bug Too! is packed with even more of the humour, compelling gameplay and amazing graphics which made Bug's debut such a hit with PC gamers.

Bug Too! introduces a mad medley of new crazy characters. The first new gamestar to join Bug in the limelight is Superfly, a comical 70's throwback complete with killer afro, platform boots and bell-bottomed pants. Superfly moves faster than Bug and comes armed with a 'Luv gun' for those sticky moments! The little grub Maggot Dog - another new addition - is the smallest player-controlled character in the game and jumps around reaching the parts no other vermin can.

The new game makes the most of Pentium's power with impressive polygon-rendering and texture-mapping. Bug Too! also features awesome background detailing and eerie mist special effects on some levels.

The action in Bug Too! takes place over a huge gameplay area with scores of levels to explore. Quirky platform designs add to the game's fun and players will love the new corkscrew level. There are also hidden bonus levels and sub games to discover and explore. Look out for sections where the action is transferred to a racing game and the stage where gamers are pitted against the challenge of a giant fruit machine. All Sega PC titles, including Bug Too!, have been programmed for easy installation.

Sega's games are enhanced for the PC platform, with features such as faster frame rates, added colours, higher resolution graphics and added control options, including live help-screen guidance while in play mode. Sega games are all compatible with standard PC peripherals.

Bug Too!: System requirements

Control Keyboard, Joypad or Joystick
Operating Windows '95
CPU Type and Speed Pentium Processor, 90 MHz and above
Memory 8 Mb
Available hard drive 50 Mb
CD-Rom Speed 2x and above
Graphics SVGA: 256 colours
Audio 16 bit or Sound blaster 16
Price £29.99 (MRP)

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