Press release: 1997-06-04: Sega Lowers Price on Hardware, Software

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- (June 4, 1997) --
SegaTM of America today announced price drops on the Sega SaturnTM and Sega GenesisTM video game consoles and on hit Sega Saturn titles as part of a plan to continually offer consumers the best video gaming value. The price drop follows the May 31 completion of Sega's most successful promotions for the Sega Saturn: the "Three Free" game pack-in and the "Buy Two Get One Free" coupon offer.

The new hardware pricing structure is as follows:
Sega Saturn				$149.99 ($50 reduction)
Sega Saturn with Game			$169.99 ($60 reduction)
Sega Saturn Net Link Solution Pack	$249.99 ($200 reduction)
Sega Saturn Net Link			$ 99.99 ($100 reduction)
Sega Genesis				$ 79.99 ($20 reduction)

Sega also reduced pricing on more than 30 Sega Saturn games into the range of $19.99 - $39.99, including top-ranked titles such as "NiGHTSTM" "Fighting VipersTM" "Virtua CopTM2" and "Sonic 3D BlastTM" Suggested retail pricing for new Sega Saturn games in 1997 will not exceed $49.99.

"As we've said since the beginning of this year, Sega is operating based on its own business plan and goals, with price reductions strategically timed to coincide with our annual product line-up and promotional calendar," said Bernard Stolar, COO, Sega of America. "Our new pricing structure will maintain the momentum we gained with our two previous consumer promotions, which helped boost Sega Saturn software sales up more than 120 percent over first quarter last year."

The worldwide installed base for Sega Saturn has topped 7.5 million, with 1.7 million units in use throughout the U.S. Game sales in 1997 have been boosted by arcade hits translated for Sega Saturn, including "Die HardTMArcade" and "Fighters MegaMixTM" currently the third best-selling next generation game at Electronics Boutique.

The Sega Saturn game line-up for 1997 includes a number of Sega "specialties," from arcade translations to new Sonic titles and authentic racing and team sports games from an all-new Sega SportsTM product development team. Sega will also debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo the first-ever console-based networked arcade games, taking home arcade gaming to the next level.

Sega sees strong potential for the Genesis system for first-time gamers. Industry research from the first quarter of 1997 shows the Genesis software-to-hardware tie ratio at 16 games per console, compared to the 8-to-1 ratio for Super Nintendo. Genesis first-party software sales were on the rise, with an eight percent increase in March, which is five percentage points ahead of Super Nintendo in that period.

Several Genesis game pack-in options are currently at retail, including the "6 Pak" and "Sonic SpinballTM" among others. The Sega Saturn pack-in game offers include "Sega Rally ChampionshipTM" and "NiGHTS."

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