Press release: 1997-06-19: SONIC’S BACK!

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ATLANTA -- (June 19, 1997) E3 Booth #1546 --
The legacy of Sonic the HedgehogTM lives on as Sega® of America unveils two new games for Sega SaturnTM. The company announced today it will release a pair of Sonic titles this year: "Sonic JamTM," a collection of Sonic’s greatest hits loaded with enhanced 32-bit graphics and new features; and a high-speed, futuristic, Sonic racing/adventure game called "Sonic RTM."

Sonic, the "blue dude with a tude," has been a video game staple since he first appeared on the Sega Genesis® in 1991. "Sonic Jam" allows players to relive the magic with exceptional retro gaming action and the world’s first 3D video game museum dedicated to the infamous blue hedgehog. "Sonic R" lets players experience Sonic like they never have before -- on a 3D track with super-fast 360 degrees of racing gameplay.

Sonic commercials, cartoons, character profiles, classic artwork and more! Now Sega Saturn owners can enjoy four well-known Sonic games on one CD, including "Sonic the HedgehogTM," "Sonic 2TM," "Sonic 3TM" and "Sonic & KnucklesTM." Led by a 3D Sonic, gamers can go straight to the games or visit the Virtual Sonic Museum, which is a game in itself. To explore the museum, players must dash through the 3D world collecting gold rings. Along the way they can stop to explore rooms filled with memorabilia -- all devoted to the world’s most recognizable blue hedgehog. New features in the classic games include "Time Attack" mode where players can race against a timer and a "Special Stage" mode which gives direct access to bonus stages. With lock-on technology, players can also add "Sonic and Knuckles" to any of the other three games for even more gameplay experience.
Ship date: August 1997
SRP: $39.99

Combining racing and action genres, Sega has created an all-new gaming adventure starring the fastest vidoegame character of all time, Sonic the Hedgehog, and his pals. Gamers must race against other Sonic characters to find the stolen emeralds hidden throughout the game, then make a dash for the finish line. The game contains five different modes, including single-player, multi-player, tag, relay and time attack. Characters run, walk, float and spin their way to the finish line, some by foot and others by car. Gamers choose between four different courses including a mysterious castle, a tropical island, a highway with no speed limit, and a secret base filled with traps. There is also a fifth hidden level set inside an emerald with transparent obstacles and glowing, crystal walls to make racing truly fun and imaginative. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all run by foot. With multiple characters, hidden surprises and master levels, gamers will experience more Sonic action than ever before. "Sonic R" will also be the first Sonic title to allow gamers to play as any of the characters found in the game.
Ship date: November 1997
SRP: $49.99

"These two titles are great examples of how far Sonic has come since his days as a blue sprite in side scrolling games. Adding 3D graphics and full freedom of movement, to the fast gameplay that Sonic is known for, our development teams have unquestionably improved on a classic," said Bernard Stolar, chief operating officer, Sega of America.

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