Press release: 1997-09-04: Number One Multi-Player Game In History Comes To Sega Saturn

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"Saturn Bomberman" Explodes onto the Videogame Market with Network Play

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- (September 4, 1997) --
Sega® of America announced today the launch of the highly addictive game "Saturn BombermanTM" for the stand alone Sega SaturnTM and Sega Saturn Net Link. "BombermanTM" has been called one of the best multi-player games of all time. Sega takes the action a step further with a ten player mode and networked gaming options.

Developed by Hudson SoftTM, the famed Japanese publishers of "Lode RunnerTM" and the original "Bomberman," "Saturn Bomberman" boasts the ability to host gaming parties of up to ten players at one time and is the only console version of the game to offer network play. "Saturn Bomberman" is now available in stores nationwide with a low SRP of just $39.99.

"Saturn Bomberman" is Sega Saturn Net Link-enabled, allowing for one-on-one or two-on-two networked gaming across town or across country. Sega Saturn is the lone videogame console that allows for networked gaming and Internet access using Sega's Net Link modem peripheral.

"Saturn Bomberman" takes seconds to learn and years to master. Gamers progress through different levels destroying their opponents by strategically planting bombs and running for cover. Each playing field is constructed out of both destructible and indestructible walls, and it's up to gamers to position bombs in the right place at the right time. Power-ups are revealed after gamers have destroyed the barriers, which can be both helpful and harmful.

"The enhanced multi-player and Sega Saturn Net Link option makes 'Saturn Bomberman' truly unique," said Lydia Gable, group director of marketing, Sega of America. "Sega has recognized that videogaming has moved from a people-versus-machine approach to a social phenomenon -- 'Saturn Bomberman' lets ten people play together on the same game in their living rooms."

"Saturn Bomberman" includes three action-packed modes of play: "Single-Player Mode," which combines bombing fun with an exciting storyline; a ground-breaking "Battle Mode," which can host up to ten players in a single game; and "Master Mode," where gamers can measure their bombing abilities.

In "Single-Player Mode," the mission is to save the world! Mr. Meanie and his notorious gang have stolen four magical crystals and have sent each one back into different time eras. In doing so they released the ancient monster Crator from captivity. To make matters worse, Mr. Meanie has gained control of Crator and is ready to unleash the beast in his bid for world domination. It's up to Bomberman to travel back in time to retrieve the crystals and bomb his way through hordes of Mr. Meanie's henchman.

It's a war of wills in "Battle Mode." The objective is to be the last player standing from up to ten simultaneous human competitors. Winding through the mazes of nine different playing fields, gamers can also form teams to aid in their fight. The action can get frantic as alliances and rivalries can be made or easily broken. In a new twist the "mad bomber" option lets gamers continue to play even after the character has been eliminated.

"Master Mode" lets gamers test their bombing accuracy, speed and agility. This advanced mode forces bombers to clear as many levels and bosses as they can with one life. Master Mode contains 20 increasingly difficult levels with a new challenging boss every four levels (five bosses total), and players must collect more than 20 unique power-ups and collectible items to increase their strength and endurance.

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